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Do It Yourself Bracket Shelf

Recently I wanted to create a super easy shelf with inexpensive materials – wood and brackets. Let’s see what I came up with!

Step One – Cut Your Wood

Cut your wood to the length you want. I used a 1×6 piece and stained it with Minwax Special Walnut. You can use ANY WOOD, ANY STAIN, cut ANY SIZE.

Step Two – Grab Brackets

You can find any L-Shape Bracket from Amazon or Home Depot. I found some 4 inch long brackets in the door handle section of Home Depot. Make sure the ones you pick are strong enough to hold the wood size you used.

Step Three – Install Brackets

Find the studs in your wall and place the bracket on wall. Use a pencil to mark holes if you can’t find a stud, so you add an anchor first.

Add your screws.

Step Four – Add Your Shelf

Place your shelf on the brackets and measure to make sure it’s even on both sides. Drill the small screws that are included with your brackets into the underneath of your shelf.

That’s it! You did it! So easy, so inexpensive – anyone can do it.

Happy Building!


Simple Plant Wall Hooks

I was needing some space in my office to hang these darling plants from TJ Max. But I didn’t want to spend any money on them. So I rummaged through my box of “extra stuff” to see what caught my eye. That is how the Simple Plant Wall Hook came to be! If you do not need this now, pin it for later on Pinterest and follow along with all my pins here.


  • 1×4 scrap of wood (2)
  • Stain color of your choice
  • Ikea Ekorre hooks (2)
  • Two inch drywall screws (8)
  • Drywall anchors (optional)


  • Circular Saw
  • Sander
  • Drill
  • Stud Finder

This is a great beginner project. You can’t mess it up and can do it ABYS (all by yourself)!

Step One – Cut and Stain Wood

Decide the size you want for your base wood piece. I used a 1×4 scrap of wood and cut them at 4.5 inch lengths (the real size is 3.5 x 4.5). I sanded the edges down for softness (use a hand sander or just sand paper with about 80-120 grit paper).Then I added one coat of stain. My choice was Minwax Special Walnut. Make 2 of theses.

Step Two – Add Hooks

The Ikea Ekorre Suspension Hooks are used for the Ikea swings. I love them and they only cost $3.50 for two!

Snag those here and grab your silver 2 inch screws. If you want a different color of hooks I would use Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint that sticks to metal.

First off, you have to see if where you are hanging your hook is over a stud. Use your stud finder for this. If it is, just pre-drill your screws into the hook and wood, then mount into the wall – easy! If not, continue reading.

Arrange your hook on the wood, either vertical or horizontal. Both ways will fit your hook onto the wood. I liked mine horizontal.

Pre-drill your 2 inch screws through the wood so they are sticking out just a few millimeters.

Then place this on the wall exactly where you want it hung. Push it hard against the wall then pull away. You will see the marks left for where you want your anchors.

Since this is such a light plant I am using, I chose to only use 2 anchors. I drilled the other 2 screws in just for looks.

I drilled in my anchors into the marks, then replaced the hook and finished drilling the screws into the anchors. I added my last two screws onto the sides for looks.

Step Three – Hang Plants

I just took the rope already attached to my plant and tied it onto the hook. Nothing fancy. I just loved how it turned out!

I added this darling print from Grafomap that you can find here – they have super cool stuff.

My office is getting closer to being finished every day!

Happy Building!


Do It Yourself Table Setting in 5 Steps

I love keeping a table set, it makes me feel that much closer to a prepared dinner (even if nothing is started!). For years I thought it would cost a fortune to keep a table set, so I shied away from it. A few years ago I realized I had been wrong this whole time. I want to show you how easy to can be!

Step One – Placemat

Start with a placemat. It can be round, square, or rectangle. I found rope mats at Ross Dress for Less for CHEAP! Walmart, TJ Max and HomeGoods are also great places to look.

Step Two – Charger

I love to layer a charger next. Here I used a Mozaiko chargers that a designer sent to me which you can grab here.

You can also purchase them at varies home decor stores.

One of my favorites is homemade wood chargers. They are so inexpensive to make! Follow my tutorial here on that project.

Step Three – Dishes

I love different styles of plates. You can grab these anywhere, even second hand stores! I found my square white ones at Dollar Tree and Ross Dress for Less.

Adding one is perfect. If you are serving salad or soup you can add another dish as well.

Step Four – Linens

I hated folding my mom’s table napkins growing up. I never ever wanted some. It took me 15 years of marriage to even consider getting them! Now I am in love. Add some napkins. Fold them, add a napkin ring, or just leave them flat. I was lucky enough to get my Granny’s linens and that is what I used here.

Step Five – Decor

Adding some sort of decor really adds to the space. I love greenery. I have see my girlfriends add fruit, veggies, mini wood houses or flowers. You can’t go wrong! Whatever the season is, add it. Here I added a spring of greenery that I grabbed from Joann Fabrics. I bought one and broke it apart (used wire cutters). It is super simple but refreshing. You can also add your cups and silverware. I usually don’t because it’s too cluttered for me. YOU DO YOU – add what you want and let your creativity run wild. Shop your home, change things up, and enjoy the pleasure it brings of making your house a home. Sending lots of encouragement your way!Kelly

Farmhouse Framed Prints

Last year I was crushing over all the Farmhouse Prints – so I started wondering how I could make my own with the resources I had (long vinyl cutter, no large printers). After a bit of thinking I created a way that worked in my budget and was super easy to do.Here is my DIY Video Tutorial for you to watch to get the basic idea: You will need:

  • Engineering print from Office Depot ($3) or a poster print from Costco ($6)
  • MDF Board (snag from Home Depot or go to a thrift store and buy an old print that has MDF as backing)
  • 1×2 Wood Strips
  • Modge Podge
  • Wood glue
  • Circular Saw (to cut your wood and MDF board)
  • Staple Gun

Now – head over to this link for a step by step process on this DIY:DIY Wall Art If you are using old wood like I did (I snagged the sticks that were stuck in old signs that go in yards during voting time) you will want to clean them. Check out that tutorial here:Cleaning Old WoodYou will have this project done in no time! Let me know if you have any questions and save these to your Pinterest account for later! Love,Kelly

Easy Summer Styling Home Blog Tour


Welcome to our Easy Summer Styling Tour! I am so tickled to be joining 16 talented bloggers this week is sharing ideas of how to create summer spaces for your home.  We know you will leave with lots of new thoughts on how to recreate your space for the summer.

If you are joining me from Sarahs Blog – Dreaming of Homemaking, I am so glad you’re here!  Afterwards please head over to Lauras Blog – The Turquoise Home to keep touring.  A special thank you to Kelly from A Tattered Pew who is the host of this tour – she’s amazing on so many levels.


If this is your first visit to my blog, welcome!  My name is Kelly and I am city girl from California who married a farm boy from Montana.  We now reside in Utah with four amazing kiddos.  I am a Do It Yourself blogger, sharing inexpensive ideas on how to build and create spaces in your home – that you can truly do all by yourself!

I share weekly video tutorials on my projects, so sign up for my email list so you won’t miss out on what we are working on.

You can also follow me on Instagram here and Pinterest here.


With summer coming, I start to get the “spice things up” itch.  I am ready to sleep in, play with my kids, and be creative!  I have been working on my kitchen for some time and have finally wrapped up all the projects that make up this space.  Today I will be sharing these all with you.  Here is a teaser for what you will learn:

Open Shelving

Open shelves are a great way to create extra space in your kitchen – it can have a function or just be eye candy.  Either way, open shelving is easy to build and awesome to look at.




Want to make your own? Click here for this DIY blog post, you can see how easy it is to create Plumbers Pipe Shelving.

And then in this DIY blog post I show you how to use PVC pipe that is half the cost, but you get the same great look!

I love aprons, and use them constantly.  I hang my linen pinafore apron on the plumbers pipe end for quick use.  You can grab the same one here from BicoEstonia in her Heloise and her Etsy shop.  I love her homemade linen product.  Her skill set is amazing and I love her style.

Farmhouse Signs

You can recreate any space with a new sign.  They are inexpensive, and you can complete the project in one day.


You can create a long vertical sign, or a short vertical one.  Use your creativity or check out my pinterest page HERE for more ideas.

Follow the steps in this blog post to create your own DIY Farmhouse Sign!  I also showcase how to make a different style of farmhouse sign here if your interested.  This style I used in my guest room.


I also made an additional sign for the other wall in my dining area.  I used 3 strips of wood and mounted them together.  Then I added a metal sign and two hooks on each end for mason jar lanterns.


I always change up my flowers in my mason jar decor.  I grab flowers from either Joanns or The Dollar Tree and stick a few sprigs in the jars.


Curtain Rods

Curtains add a fun change to any space.

Even if you already have blinds, you can add mini curtain rods to your window to bring a fresh new look.  This way you have the look of curtains but do not need to string the bar across the entire window.


I made mini plumbers pipe curtain rods for this space – my tutorial is here on my instagram page.  It is a very easy way to add mini curtain rods over your window.  But if you would like a different style of mini curtain rods, check out the ones I added to my master bedroom in my mini curtain rod tutorial here.


With warm days around the corner I love adding new greenery to my space.

Here I just placed them in cute containers on my window seal – nothing left to do!


I painted some old vases using milk paint, you can learn how to do that here.  I also painted my dinner bell base, the chippy look is my favorite.  Watch here to see how easy it is to do.


I grabbed this homemade wreath from Floral Treasure.  They grow their own flowers, dry them, and then create their wreaths.  They are a better price point that craft stores and smell AMAZING!  Check them out here.


The last way I love to spice up my kitchen is to change up my tablescape.  I prefer a simple style for the summer.

Using homemade chargers for place settings is my favorite because they are so easy to clean.

Want to learn how to add stencil to some?  Check out my blog post here.


Thank you for visiting!  We hope you enjoyed the tour and come see us again to learn new ways to make your house a home.






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Do It Yourself Barn Door

DIY Barn Door

You can make your own barn door with just a few simple tools!


Who loves barn doors but doesn’t want to hire someone to build it for you?  You are in the right place, because that is how I felt.  So I set out to find an easy build that I could do on my own – and here is how I did it.  Best part is it cost me under $75 for this 6 foot by 3 foot door!



Follow along with my 60 second tutorial and then check out all the details below!

Continue reading

Do It Yourself Spring Porch Decor

Shop Your Own Home



There are simple ways to spice up your front porch for spring – without spending lots of cash.  SHOP YOUR OWN HOME!  Have you ever tried that?  Walk around and see what you have that will work outside for the time being and take a chance at it.  Let me show you what I found in my home to move outside and spice up my porch – without spending a dime.



I grabbed a wreath I have inside my home from FloralTreasure that I love.  I used a 3M velcro hook to keep it hung well.

FloralTreasure has handmade wreaths that smell AMAZING because they grow and harvest all the wreaths themselves on their farm.  And their prices are cheaper than retail stores!  Check them out here.




Pillows and Blankets

You can change up your pillows constantly to create a new look.  I snagged these darling ones off of my couch to add to the hand-me-down chairs I received from my darling neighbor for FREE (yippee!!).

These pillows are handmade from my girlfriend Faith at FaithandChloeDesigns.  I love the farmhouse style and vintage look.  Check out her instagram page here for all her designs!




I then added a blanket I had on my couch from Cloth and Cabin.  They have darling pieces for your home (and your body!).  Check them out here.

Outdoor Mat

I decided to layer some mats that I had already.  The bottom one I grabbed from Ikea last month for $14!  There is a darling shop that I love called The Cheeky Doormat that I found on Instagram here.  The top one was custom made by them and I added it right on top of the Ikea mat – check them out at The Cheeky Doormat.





I chose to grab a plant from my bathroom, a plant hanger from the garden, and a lantern from my living room.  Super simple (that’s how we roll around here) and it worked well for my style.




So what can you shop from your home to create a NEW LOOK for NO COST in your home?  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!






Do It Yourself Plastic Pipe Shelf



I love plumbers pipe shelving but they aren’t a very inexpensive project – the piping cost quite a bit.  I was thinking the other day I could create the same look with PVC pipe, so I tried it out and it worked!  They are not as strong as metal pipe, so I wouldn’t recommend using the shelving for super heavy items.  But it is still pretty sturdy.

Here is my 60 second DIY Tutorial for you to watch, then read on for all the details!


Continue reading

Do It Yourself – Farmhouse Sign

Make this sign in 7 simple steps, come join me!


DIY Farmhouse Sign


Ever since I started documenting my home decor journey I have been crushin on all these farmhouse signs.  You can pay to get one made, and often they aren’t cheap.  But if you don’t have the time and you do have the money – go for it!  If you want to try and make one yourself, check out this process that is SUPER easy and SUPER inexpensive (under $20!!!).  The only downside?  It does take your time.  But if you turn on some tunes or your favorite book and get to work, you mind find out how much you enjoy this kind of thing.

Check out my 60 second DIY Farmhouse Sign tutorial and then follow along for all the details!



Supplies Needed:

  • 1×10 wood board: 4-8 feet long, depending on how many letters you are using
  • Stain (I like Minwax Provincial or Walnut)
  • White Paint (I use Behr Paint and Primer)
  • Paint and staining brush
  • Rags
  • Vaseline
  • Modge Podge
  • Mirror image prints
  • Frosting knife (or any tool with a rounded edge)
  • Corner brackets (optional)




Step One – Stain Your Wood

I chose not to sand down my piece of wood because I wanted it rustic.  Feel free to sand your edges before staining if you would like them softer.   Grab your stain, darker is better.  It will show through the chippy paint areas.  I added Weathered Oak first, let dry, then add Provincial around the edges for some darker spots.  This isn’t necessary.

P.S. Forgive my grainy photos!  I only video taped this DIY and had to take stills from the movie!




Step Two – Add Vaseline

Lets learn how to achieve the chippy look.  I have a detailed blog post here on how to achieve the distressed look using wax as well.

Take your vaseline and rub it lightly onto the edges and corners of your board.  Miss some spots on purpose.  Then add some in sporadic spots on your board.   The more you use the more of the stain will show through for your outcome.





Step Three – Paint Your Wood

Add a layer of white paint (or any color your prefer) to your board.  It doesn’t have to be super covered well, just “good enough.”  I use Behr Paint and Primer – I love it for the chippy look!  Let fully dry before the next step.






Step Four – Print & Cut Your Words

This part is a little tricky if you do not know how to print mirror image.  Depending on the computer you have, it can be different for each.  Here is a link to teach you:

How to print a mirror image

Type out your word and mess with the fonts.  I really like Bordeaux Roman Bold LET for my signs.  You can fit about 3 letters per sheet if you use the 800 size.   If you don’t have that font you can download it here.




Make sure you fiddle with it on your board to make sure it fits before the next step, which is cutting the letters.  You will cut as close to the edge as possible, keeping letters connected if you can.  This helps the placement goes smoother.





Step Five – Glue Your Letters

You will dip your brush into the modge podge and gentle wipe ON THE INK SIDE of the first set of letters you are going to lay down.  Be gentle so you don’t rip your letters.  You have to take special care when laying them down because they are sticky.  You will only have a few seconds to move them around if you need before the glue thickens up.  I had a measuring tape to make sure the top and bottom spacing were the same.

Also make sure to get glue over the entire letter.  Every bit of ink must have glue on it to adhere well to the board.




You will press the letters fully onto the board to make sure no bubbles are left behind.  Let dry completely according to directions before moving on to the next step.




Step Six – Remove Paper

Here is the fun part!  Grab a rag and get it pretty wet.  Not dripping, but still really moist.  Gently press it onto all of your letters, one at a time.  This will start the process and help with removal.




Once that is done, head back to the first letter.  You will gently and slowly rub the letter to remove the paper.  This will leave the ink on the board.  If you rub too much the ink will come off too.  If you do rub some ink off, just press it back in place.  It will dry fine.  It’s ok to have some ink rubbed off if you are going for a really rustic look like I was.  This process takes time, but is worth it.  It’s going to look amazing!




Step Seven – Chip Your Paint

I like to use my frosting knife because it is round but not sharp.  You can use any like tool for this.  You will take the edge and start LIGHTLY scratching areas of your wood.  The edges and around letters are especially good spots.  You can also scrape off any extra paper you may have left that needs to be removed.  The more you scrape, the more chippy your board will be!







I added metal brackets to my edges for a more complete look.  You can find these in the knob and drawer handle isle at Home Depot!  Spray paint the color you want and drill them on.





Your all done!  Such a fun sign for a great price point.  Let us know how yours turns out!





One Room Challenge Spring Reveal


I am so excited!  Today is the day!  The last few weeks have been such a good experience for me.  It pushed me to learn new skills and I love the outcome.   I am so grateful to the One Room Challenge team for helping all types of decorators feel like they have value in their creativity.  So many are revealing their spaces today on the One Room Challenge Blog – I can’t wait for you to see them all!  Are you ready for mine?

Project One – Shiplap COST $92.00   Read all about that project here

Project Two – Window Valences COST $45.00   Read all about that project here

Project Three – Custom Shutters COST $15.00   Read all about that project here

Project Four – Blinds  COST $200.00  Read all about that project here

Let me remind you where I started:




This was my living room wall.  I wanted to renovate it and add some character.  Since I am a DIYer on a budget, everything had to be created by me.  I gave myself $500 to renovate this space – and I did it!  You can read about my initial ideas here on my first post with the One Room Challenge.  This was my sketch of what I wanted to have happen.




Follow along to see how close I can get to my original idea!

Project One – Shiplap

You can read the full blog post here, but lets recap.  I spent $92 on my materials from The Home Depot.  I used tongue and groove pre-primed shiplap.  I always paint my first coat before I install, and I loved partnering with HomeRite Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer.  It was super easy to use and made my life so much better!  You can order one here on Amazon for a great price point.




Install was fast and super helpful with my TackLIFE laser level and laser measuring tape.  You can grab tons of TackLIFE tools for a great deal on Amazon here.




Here is my final shiplap look:




Project Two – Window Valances

I love the wood window valances that the Shanty2Chic sisters made here.  So I created my own style and love how they turned out.   You can learn the whole process and how easy it is here.   Total cost was $45 (grabbed clearance curtains from TJ Max and curtain rods from Walmart).



Here is my final window valance look:




Project Three – Shutters

I have always wanted some of these and decided on a look I wanted after scanning Pinterest for days (kidding).  They were only $15 to make and add so much to the room!  Find out how to make yours here.  Additionally I added a family portrait that I had made previously so that is very inexpensive, you can read all about that DIY here.



Here is my final farmhouse shutters look:




Project Four – Blinds

I love SelectBlinds and have used them for 15 years.  They are super EASY to order, EASY to install, and EASY on the pocketbook.  Did I mention they were easy?  Ha. Ha. Wink. Wink.  I ordered FAUX WOOD, you can get them for a great price with all the sales they run here.



Here is my final blinds look:




Final REVEAL Day –

Such a fun adventure.  I learned so many new things, how to make new DIY’s and use tools I haven’t tried before.  One item that I added last minute was the Wood Mantel.  It was a quick addition and I love the character it adds to the room.  Here is the final look:




I had some more GREAT companies that I used to finish up my decor.  Niki is a great friend and makes amazing wood word signs (from Carpenterfarmhouse).

I ordered her THIS IS US sign from her Etsy shop here, the sizes start at only $15!




Next I grabbed some darling pillows handmade from Megan at DoeRaeMeDesigns.  I love her taste and style!  I grabbed two Staple White pillow cases that you can order here.





Finally I had an amazing time working with Danielle from The Rusted Carriage.   She helped me pick out some items for my mantel and I finally got some cotton stems (I have always wanted some!).  Her Etsy shop is closing for the summer so she can spend time with family, so all her deals are on sale – you will love her stuff!  Grab some here.





My lanterns were from TJ Max and I made the Family Name sign many years ago.



Here is a timelaspe of the decorating process.  Now I need a big long nap!




I honestly can’t wait for the next challenge.  Laundry room time!




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