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Summer Patio Furniture
Brown Colorshot Spray Paint
Small Pantry
Valentines Day Flowers
Cedar Placemat
Master Bedroom
Holiday Decorations
Fall Table Decor
Halloween Front Porch Decor

i'm kelly ballard

So glad you found us! This is where a California citygirl meets a Montana farmboy – and the rest is history.

Raised in California and transplanted to Utah. Married my college sweetheart from Montana, and we are raising 4 nuggets together. I love all things DIY projects and doing them on a budget. I don’t mind messing up and am ok with the 90/10 rule - nothing is perfect over here and it’s fine by me! Encouraging all ‘wanna-be’ DIYers to just get out there and try it! You will be so glad you did.” 

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