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One on One Design Counseling

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One on One Social Media Training

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My Story

My name is Kelly Ballard, and five years ago I was asking so many questions. I was a brand new Instagrammer and didn’t even know what a hashtag was. With just a few hundred followers, a small shop reached out to me and asked me to share one of their pillows on my feed.

“What?! You want to send me something for free?” I was hooked.

I started to dig deep, spent a solid year doing the research (I am talking A LOT of research), and started hustling brand collaborations.

Since then I have made over 6 figures in revenue and tens of thousands of dollars in product. I have updated my entire home and NOT SPENT A SINGEL PENNY OUT OF OUR FAMILY BUDGET.

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What I Offer

Does that sound impossible? I am here to tell you IT IS NOT. I am also here to tell you that THERE IS ROOM FOR EVERYONE. If you like it, I guarantee there is someone else in the world who likes it too.

Through my courses, retreats, and one on one social media training – YOU CAN LEARN HOW to do what I do.

I am cheering you on every step of the way!


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