How to Start a DIY Bathroom Remodel Project

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  1. "Doc" says:

    Measure twice, place once, front of bowl extends out beyond typical….Be extra careful on toilet (takes two persons–very heavy)…use new-style plastic soil pipe entry seal, NOT wax seal (wax crushes when heavy toilet goes over, ultimate leaks if not careful–plastic piece can be reused if toilet fails in future; plastic pieces are afforded to raise/lower toilet body over hole)…

    This toilet features hidden floor pins within the toilet wall itself–they have to be put together PERFECTLY BEFORE toilet placement…there are two holes on each side to view the pins which level the toilet (can be tight to enter and maneuver and align these pins if in a very tight space surrounding toilet with long screwdriver–arduous process–mark each SIDE OF TOILET–and on floor at least 6 in. away from front and side of toilet–where holes are to be placed/aligned, then just line up these marks, b/c you cannot see these interior pins as the toilet rests on them internally)–company provides two plastic pieces to cover holes when finished. Don’t forget the aluminum ring around floor water pipe coming in (they do make adjustable pipe rings in case you forget).

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