One Room Challenge – Farmhouse Shutters

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  1. […] Project Three – Custom Shutters COST $15.00   Read all about that project here […]

  2. […] Project Three – Custom Shutters COST $15.00   Read all about that project here […]

  3. […] like to change up my mantel with each season. I made these shutters very versatile (you can see that blog post here) as well as my interchangeable family portrait (make one […]

  4. Petra Campbell says:

    Where did you get those cool looking lanterns? By the way love the shutter video…thank you so much

  5. […] today I am sharing my favorite lanterns with you! I hang them from my DIY Shutters that you can see here. These are such an easy build that anyone can […]

  6. […] mantel is set up with a shutter on each side (you can see how to build them here). So I always make sure to have end cap pieces to highlight the shutters. I found these Black LED […]

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