One Room Challenge – Wood Valances

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  1. […] Project Two – Window Valences COST $45.00   Read all about that project here […]

  2. […] Project Two – Window Valences COST $45.00   Read all about that project here […]

  3. […] Project Two – Window Valences COST $45.00   Read all about that project here […]

  4. Scott L. says:

    Since I did learn from your finishing technique, I’ll share some wisdom:

    I know this is largely a decorative piece, so the strength of the pocket hole connections doesn’t really matter… Which, overall, makes the pocket hole suggestion an unnecessary expense. Pocket holes should combine with glue, and they should work toward the center of the board; not the end. How it was done here is no better than screwing into the end grain, strength wise. A better solution for this particular project would be to bring the boards together with L-brackets screwed to the inside, where they won’t be seen. This is a much stronger, much less expensive and skillful option. Should one want this to double as a shelf, then, they could. Provided, they use pilot holes…

    When screwing through a piece of wood near the end grain, drill pilot holes. Otherwise, you get the splitting so prominently featured in the photograph of your ‘strong brace,’ which actually lessens the strength of that connection. Imagine screwing into a group of rubber-banded straws and splitting the rubber band. Pilot holes – the diameter of the shank of the screw, not the thread – remove the ‘wedging’ effect that is actually used TO split wood.

    Lastly, please have one of your grammar-Nazi friends help you proofread your posts, and enlist the help of ‘tool people’ to accurately describe tools and techniques used. I’m not real sure what a “circular hand saw” is, but any crosscutting saw would work for this project.

    Hope this helps. 😊 God bless!

    • Showit User says:

      Holy Cow! I am super impressed, thank you for all the insight you shared. As you can tell I am a DIY home maker and learning as I go. And I love that everyone can try new things and not have to be a professional to create the spaces they want in their home. That is why my followers join me and stay. If we all had to be perfectly educated on tools and installation people would be too scared to try. Hence why I blog and share my learning. You may want to consider blogging and doing some deeper explanations for people who are wanting that in-depth of experience. And we used a standard circular saw from Ridgid, which is the name right on the box. Grammar-Nazi’s? Let’s be gentle now, no need have put downs. You also have a good day.

  5. Gloria CortesCalo says:

    I love it

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