One Room Challenge – Shiplap

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  1. postboxdesigns says:

    First of all…I love the name of your blog. 🙂 And second, the shiplap looks great-it adds so much character to the space. Looking forward to seeing the final transformation, good luck! Kristin @ Postbox Designs

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  4. […] Project One – Shiplap COST $92.00   Read all about that project here […]

  5. […] Project One – Shiplap COST $92.00   Read all about that project here […]

  6. Kelly Hawkins says:

    How did you handle the end of the shiplap pieces when transitioning into next room? Also, did you have to re-adjust your light switch and plugs to come further out than with drywall?
    My fireplace wall is identical to yours except I have one window and one door instead of two windows but placement and fireplace wall is joined by another wall in breakfast table/kitchen area.

    • Kelly thank you for reaching out! First off, yes on the light switches. We had to pull them out about 1/4 inch. We actually cut a super small peice of the shiplap (since it was the width we needed) and logged it behind the metal plate to keep it stable. I hope that makes sense!

      For the transition, I made sure they were all measure exactly the same and then painted the ends (going into a wall with a corner bend.). I didn’t add an end cap or anything and I like the way it looks. I am sure you could install or plastic corner piece too if you wanted? I would love to see your project!

  7. Paige says:

    Hi there! Love this so much.

    I am curious how you made the cuts to fit the top of your fireplace/edges of fireplace… I’m wanting to do a wall that shares the kitchen cabinets and the top of our cabinets has a similar shape and my husband is worried he won’t be able to cut it to look good! 😬😬 any help would be much appreciated!!! 🙂

    • I was so worried too! I used a piece of paper to trace the curves, then traced it onto the shiplap. Then used a jigsaw to cut. Then fill in the gaps with caulking! There is a tool called Contour Gauge you can use, I just don’t have one!!

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