One Room Challenge – Blinds

 One Room Challenge – Week Four


DIY Install Blinds


We are so close to the finish line and it has been so much fun!  Make sure you follow along here with all of the designers this time around to get all the inspiration you need to do this yourself.  I am already thinking about what room I want to refinish for the Fall ORC (think stenciled flour in the laundry room people!).




One of my last steps was to add blinds to my newly renovated windows. Of course I can’t make my own blinds, but I want to show you how easy it is to install them ALL BY YOURSELF!  This was my week four challenge to accomplish.  Here is my update so far:

Here is my 6 week outline:

Project One – Shiplap COST $92.00   Read all about that project here

Project Two – Window Valences COST $45.00   Read all about that project here

Project Three – Custom Shutters COST $15.00   Read all about that project here

Project Four – Blinds  COST $200.00 

Project Five – Decorating and Reveal 

DIY Video Tutorial

Check out my DIY Video Tutorial to watch our install process and then follow along below for lots of details you won’t want to miss!

There are so many blind companies out there.  Many years ago I was watching the show Extreme Make Over: Home Edition with Ty Pennington.  I just loved the work they did.  One of the companies they recommended was SelectBlinds in their renovations.  I was in serious need of blinds and decided to check them out.   Their price point was spot on and I ordered some samples.  They were perfect and I was hooked.  Three houses later we are still using this company!

I am lucky to partnering with them for this post.  The links I add are not affiliate links, but I do recommend them because of my 15 years experience with this team – I love them.  

Supplies Needed

  • Pick your blinds here (they always have amazing sales!)

Tools Needed

  • Drill or Screwdriver (so easy!)


Step One – Open Package

You will log into their website and place your order at  They will walk you through all the measurements and how to order.  It’s super easy!  I was nervous to do it on my own, but I rocked it!  I like the Faux Wood because they are lighter and a great price point.

Once your package comes, open in carefully so you don’t throw away the small mechanical parts.  The directions are so easy to follow.




Step Two – Lay Out Pieces

This helps for you to see what you are working with.




Step Three – Attach Brackets

You will need a screwdriver or hand drill.  Place it where you want and measure to make sure you place the other one on the opposite side at the same height.   Make sure to move it down from the top wall a few millimeters so you can have room to open the bracket door.   You will use the 2 screws that they supplied you with.




Step Four – Add Your Blinds

This is so easy!  You keep one bracket door closed and slide the blind in.  Then open the other bracket door and slide the blind in.  Then close the door.  THAT IS IT MY FRIENDS!  Mike pretended these were heavy – of course they aren’t bad (he’s just a goof ball!).




Step Five – Add Wand and Valence

You will add the wand to open and close blinds.  Very simple.  Then you will attach the magnetic valence.  I love this new addition.  Some of my older blinds do not have this.  No more valences falling off!!!

You will slide the magnets onto the back of the valance and then attach them to the top of the metal part of the blinds.


img_9533.pngimg_9534.pngIMG_9535 2


That’s it!  The easiest install ever.  I love how these babies turned out, and the new additional button they offer in via of the pulling cord is much safer for kiddos.





We know you will love company just like we do!



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