Do It Yourself Wall Art

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I love all these farmhouse signs being sold right now – they are so beautiful!  I had this vacant wall that needed filling and I was too impatient to order one and wait… Do you ever get that way?  When you want something decorated and you want it done NOW!  So I racked my brain with what materials I had and came up with this.  And I love it.  It’s not perfect, has some wrinkles and mismatched wood – but for my farmhouse room I was redecorating it was just right for me.

So if you love farmhouse signs and want to make your own – you can do it!  The best part is this whole project will cost you under $15 – for a huge sign.  Ready to see how?

Check out my 60 second DIY Video Tutorial to see a quick version, then follow along for all the details.

Materials Needed:

  • 10.5 feet of 1×2 Wood (I used leftover wood from voter signs that stick in the ground, but you can purchase it at The Home Depot for just $4)
  • 24 inch by 36 inch Engineering Print (printed from here at Office Depot for $3.39)
  • Modge Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • MDF Board

Tools Needed:

  • Staple Gun and 1/4 inch staples
  • Hand Saw


Here we go!

→ Step One – Print Your Image


You will need to create the image that you want.  I found mine on Pinterest and it was a free download.  Office Depot is AMAZING and has prints Engineering/Blueprints for super cheap.  These are not in color – so it will need to be printed in black.  You can upload it here and have it shipped to you or picked up in your local store.  I chose the 24 inch by 36 inch option for $3.39.  STEAL!



Step Two – Cut MDF Boardimg_0831-e1511284446400.jpg

You will measure and cut your MDF board to match your print.  So I cut mine at 24 inches by 36 inches.  I used my Ridgid Handsaw.  This is a very simple cut.


There is lots of sizes and pricing for MDF.  I chose the thinest board and most inexpensive.  Here is one similar or ask you local Home Depot employee to help you.  It feels a little flimsy but once you mount the wood it will be stable.



Step Three – Mount Print with Modge Podge


You will add some Modge Podge in disposable bowl and get your foam brush out.  Then brush a light coat all over the MDF board.  You will need to work quickly and fast.  Immediately you will lay your image on top of the MDF board.  This is the tricky part.  You only get one shot!  So I placed the center down first and then rolled out the sides.  I got some bumps and creases but it didn’t bother me.


Step Four – Cut Wood Stripsimg_0833.jpg

You will use your saw to cut your strips.  If you purchased the 24 inch by 36 inch prints, you will to cut:

  • 2 strips at 37 inches
  • 2 strips at 22 inches

You will use the top and bottom pieces (37 inches) to hang over the top edges by 1/2 inches.  Then you will place the side strips (22 inches) in between these top and bottom strips.  If you are using old wood like me, you will need to clean it.  I used soap and water, then steamed it.  For a more detailed look at cleaning wood, read my post here.


Step Five – Glue Wood to Front of Imageimg_0834.jpg

Now you will add wood glue to the back of each wood piece and mount it to the front.  This adds extra stability and helps to make sure your pieces are even before stapling them.



Step Six – Staple Wood to the MDF Board


Once your glue is dry, you will turn over your board and grab your staple gun.  Then you will staple every inch of the MDF board to the wood.  I like to keep a flathead screwdriver and needle-nose pliers close at hand to help pull out unwanted stables.



Step Seven – Hand Wire or Rope for Hanging


I added some rope to the back and stapled it to the sides, then tied it in the middle.  This is an easy way to hang your art.  Since this is such a light frame, this can work well.  If you had something much heavier this would not be strong enough.


ALL DONE!  Wasn’t that easy?  I added mine to my gorgeous wall that I refinished using Weaber Lumber Wood Strips.  Post on that project coming soon!  If you want wait then go check out their website here – you won’t be disappointed!  I used the weathered white strips.


We hope you have some fun with the DIY – let us know how yours turns out!


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