One Room Challenge – And So It Begins

April 2018 One Room Challenge



For quite some time I have watched as participants of the One Room Challenge create their spaces during the 6 weeks course, being fascinated by the transformation that takes place.  I have always wanted to try it too.  Then last week I decided “I can do it!”  I jumped the gun and registered as a guest participant.  I was nervous pushing that SUBMIT button, because once I did I knew I would be all in.

So here I go.  Today is my first post and the start of MY ONE ROOM CHALLENGE.  I am so grateful to Linda Weinstein, who started her own personal challenge in 2011 with some online friends.  And seven years later has helped blossom this decor challenge to inspire so many of us to do the same.

Come follow along so many of us as we transform our rooms at  There are many featured designers that you can follow here.  You can directly watch all the guest participants here.  You will get ideas and become inspired on how you too can create and change one room at a time.

You can also follow along on their blog at here as well.

So here’s my project:

IMG_7715 copy.jpg



My living is “cute,” but it really needs a spark, a face lift, an energy boost.  I have saved $500 to get to me through the project – so that is what I will be working with.  Each week I will be taking my readers along my journey in creating this new space.

Want to see what I have in mind?!

First Step – Adding Shiplap

I will be adding shiplap to add depth to the back wall.  I have a shiplap tutorial here that I wrote last year on the process.  I can’t wait to do it again.  This is what my first attempt at shiplap looked like (before and after):





I love what it did to my entry way!  It was very inexpensive but added so much light to the area.

Second Step – Adding Shutters

I love the way shutters look and have always wanted to build some.  I will be following some tutorials from found here to help me learn.




These guys will hang on the side of my large family photo on my mantle.  I also made this frame for the photo on my own and for next to nothing.  Below is an example of an additional one I made.  You can read that blog post here called Do It Yourself Wall Art.




Third Step – Adding Lights

I will be adding hanging lights or lanterns to the shutters for depth.  Farmhouse hooks and battery operated lights will be in the mix.  I love these ones found here from Amazon:


Fourth Step – Adding Window Treatments

Some of my favorite DIY sisters have the coolest idea for window treatments.  I have wanted to add them for along time.  You can find their tutorial here that I will be following.




Fifth Step – Decorating

I can’t wait to come up with some ideas of how to spice the place up.  It will all depend on what I have left over from my $500.  So stay tuned for all the details on this part!

I hope you will follow along on my journey over the next six weeks to finish my ONE ROOM CHALLENGE.


Happy Building friends!



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