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Easy Summer Styling Home Blog Tour


Welcome to our Easy Summer Styling Tour! I am so tickled to be joining 16 talented bloggers this week is sharing ideas of how to create summer spaces for your home.  We know you will leave with lots of new thoughts on how to recreate your space for the summer.

If you are joining me from Sarahs Blog – Dreaming of Homemaking, I am so glad you’re here!  Afterwards please head over to Lauras Blog – The Turquoise Home to keep touring.  A special thank you to Kelly from A Tattered Pew who is the host of this tour – she’s amazing on so many levels.


If this is your first visit to my blog, welcome!  My name is Kelly and I am city girl from California who married a farm boy from Montana.  We now reside in Utah with four amazing kiddos.  I am a Do It Yourself blogger, sharing inexpensive ideas on how to build and create spaces in your home – that you can truly do all by yourself!

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With summer coming, I start to get the “spice things up” itch.  I am ready to sleep in, play with my kids, and be creative!  I have been working on my kitchen for some time and have finally wrapped up all the projects that make up this space.  Today I will be sharing these all with you.  Here is a teaser for what you will learn:

Open Shelving

Open shelves are a great way to create extra space in your kitchen – it can have a function or just be eye candy.  Either way, open shelving is easy to build and awesome to look at.




Want to make your own? Click here for this DIY blog post, you can see how easy it is to create Plumbers Pipe Shelving.

And then in this DIY blog post I show you how to use PVC pipe that is half the cost, but you get the same great look!

I love aprons, and use them constantly.  I hang my linen pinafore apron on the plumbers pipe end for quick use.  You can grab the same one here from BicoEstonia in her Heloise and her Etsy shop.  I love her homemade linen product.  Her skill set is amazing and I love her style.

Farmhouse Signs

You can recreate any space with a new sign.  They are inexpensive, and you can complete the project in one day.


You can create a long vertical sign, or a short vertical one.  Use your creativity or check out my pinterest page HERE for more ideas.

Follow the steps in this blog post to create your own DIY Farmhouse Sign!  I also showcase how to make a different style of farmhouse sign here if your interested.  This style I used in my guest room.


I also made an additional sign for the other wall in my dining area.  I used 3 strips of wood and mounted them together.  Then I added a metal sign and two hooks on each end for mason jar lanterns.


I always change up my flowers in my mason jar decor.  I grab flowers from either Joanns or The Dollar Tree and stick a few sprigs in the jars.


Curtain Rods

Curtains add a fun change to any space.

Even if you already have blinds, you can add mini curtain rods to your window to bring a fresh new look.  This way you have the look of curtains but do not need to string the bar across the entire window.


I made mini plumbers pipe curtain rods for this space – my tutorial is here on my instagram page.  It is a very easy way to add mini curtain rods over your window.  But if you would like a different style of mini curtain rods, check out the ones I added to my master bedroom in my mini curtain rod tutorial here.


With warm days around the corner I love adding new greenery to my space.

Here I just placed them in cute containers on my window seal – nothing left to do!


I painted some old vases using milk paint, you can learn how to do that here.  I also painted my dinner bell base, the chippy look is my favorite.  Watch here to see how easy it is to do.


I grabbed this homemade wreath from Floral Treasure.  They grow their own flowers, dry them, and then create their wreaths.  They are a better price point that craft stores and smell AMAZING!  Check them out here.


The last way I love to spice up my kitchen is to change up my tablescape.  I prefer a simple style for the summer.

Using homemade chargers for place settings is my favorite because they are so easy to clean.

Want to learn how to add stencil to some?  Check out my blog post here.


Thank you for visiting!  We hope you enjoyed the tour and come see us again to learn new ways to make your house a home.






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29 thoughts on “Easy Summer Styling Tour

  1. Your Summer home is beautiful, Kelly! I love your fresh and inviting tablescape … how you styled your awesome shelves … your fabulous bell jar “vases” … and your perfect signs! You are the DIY queen … thank you for sharing, not only your talents with us, but your tutorials, too! I know I’ll be taking notes!

  2. Kelly! Oh my goodness sweet friend! You have so much wonderful information and DIYs that I am going to save. Thank you for sharing this with us, and it’s an honor to be on this tour with you! Xoxo-Brendt

  3. Kelly,
    I love your carefully curated home. You are one crazy talented gal for sure and your tutorials rock! Loved seeing your summer home!

    1. Karan, I you know I adore you, I have for so long! I appreciate you so much and all the things you teach me. Sure loved doing this with you!

  4. All of these look so cute! Will definitely take some ideas from this for my house 🙂

  5. I love your kitchen view! I want to build some shelves so I will definitely be checking out your tutorial! So fun doing this hop with you XO!

  6. Kelly you are so absolutely and incredibly talented! Will you please come to my house and help me with all these projects! I especially love your open shelves and that farmhouse sign! Your styling is gorgeous and I am so thankful that you joined in on this fun summer tour!

  7. Kelly,

    Wow, Jodie and I are truly stunned by your natural talent and knack for DIY! You have inspired us to take up some new DIY projects in our own homes, and your creativity continues to surprise us! So happy and honored to be on this tour with you! XO ~ Jodie & Julie

    1. You two made my week! I have always appreciated you both and your goodness to so many in the home Decor world. Loved learning again from you in this blog hop – you gals are amazing!

  8. I love how soothing your home feels! But I’m a neutral lover! And all the pops of green are perfect for summer! And that grain sack table runner! Beautiful!

  9. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us! Your DIYs are amazing, and it makes your home so special and unique to see all the work you have put in! I love how you styled your open shelving and that tablescape is just perfect for summer! Honored and humbled to be a part of this tour with you! You are a true talent!

  10. Kelly, your home is beautiful! I’m so excited to have been introduced to your blog and to be on this blog hop with you! Have a great summer!

  11. Your home is beautiful, Kelly! I love to make DIY signs as well! 🙂 So nice to meet you and get to do the tour together!! xo, Laura

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