Do It Yourself Plastic Pipe Shelving

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  2. Homly says:

    Thank you for your super helpful tutorial. I’m wondering if you could do the pvc method (cost is my main concern and yes you’re right, the “real” plumber’s pipe is pricey) with the wall shelf design you made for the friend (pictured in your insta highlight). That design is what I’m really wanting to do, but it is pricey for sure. Thank you!!!

    • I think you totally could if you used a strong glue to mount the pipe to the flange or the elbow pipe piece? I just dont think it will be super strong, so I would be careful on hanging heavy things. The shelves I made with PVC pipe have held up well but are really for decor purpose only. Furniture Pipeline is coming out with decor pipes for cheaper, check our their website!! So grateful to have you here!

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