A Guide to Home Decorating – Realization

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  1. Kelly! I absolutely love all your ideas my friend. These tips on how you do your planning are so wise and I cannot wait to try them. Thank you so much for walking us through your process, it really helped me, plus the DIYs and projects you do are always so inspiring. It’s a joy to be alongside you on this series!

  2. Lindsay Aratari says:

    I love the alternatives tip because there are always things that can be tweaked as the project goes along. So fun doing this tour with you, XO!

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  4. Kelly this is amazing! I absolutely love how you schedule your projects around practical things like seasons and family time. That makes so much sense! And your budgeting method is so helpful!

  5. Amanda says:

    This article is amazing! You explained this process so well! I’m left feeling very inspired!

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  10. Superb blog! i never seen amazing blog lie this before. I really want to appreciate your efforts. Thanks a lot for sharing such a useful blog with us. Thank you!

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