DIY Peel-n-Stick Wallpaper

I have always wanted to try wall paper but the thought of it intimidates me!  I pictured it filled with wet glue and mess up’s constantly.  And then I heard of Peel-n-Stick Wallpaper and my world changed.  How easy does that sound?  I had to try out.

So I did my research on the best reviews and the best price point and I found WALL-POPS.  They have all sorts of wallpaper ideas, wall murals, and floor tiles.  The entire site is like eye candy for your home!  I jumped on this and ordered myself some for the new pantry I am working on.  Ready to see how it turned out? You will love it!  Check out my 60 second tutorial and then follow along for all the steps.

This is a sponsored post with Wall-Pops.  I reached out to them to collaborate because I was so excited about their products.  I do not have affiliate links here but encourage you to visit their website to see all their products. 

Supplies Needed:

Tools Needed:


This is a dark photo, but this is the room before I added the wall-paper.

Step One – Pick Out Your Paper

After much time looking on the Wall-Pops website, I decided on the Loft White Brick style that you can find here.  It looks so real and was even textured.  Yah!  They have so many styles to choose from.  Make sure you measure properly the amount you will need.  I rounded up.  So my large wall took 3 rolls of paper.


Step Two – Prep Your Wall

You will want to follow all the directions on the Wall-Pops website.  You clean your wall and remove extra texture if your wall is heavily textured.  Mine wasn’t so I got lucky.

You will start on the right side of the wall, 20 inches in.  Every few feet going DOWN to the floor measure 20 inches and then create a vertical line for you to follow.  According to the directions of their website, this helps you keep your application in a straight line (because each strip is a little over 20 inches.)  You only need to measure the first line.  After that you will follow the paper with a level.

I double checked my line with my TACKlife lazer level and I was so glad I did.  My wall was off a bit and therefore my line was off.  I had to re-measure and not base my starting point off of the left wall, since it wasn’t perfectly straight. I actually moved in by one or two millimeters and then started my 20 inch measurement.

Step Three – Prep Your Paper

You will unroll your paper and make sure you can find the matching ends to the next roll.  Then cut off the remaining top so that it goes on to match.  You might be able to use that leftover piece somewhere else so don’t throw it away.

Step Four – Application

It is easier to have two people to do the job.  I climbed the ladder and my mom helped to hand me the paper.

As we slowly peeled off the backing, I would make sure it was level and matching the original line I had made with lazer line in Step Two.  She would help pull the backing off while I used the flat edge to gently manuveor over the wallpaper the help it adhere to the wall.  You use this to flatten the paper and push out any bubbles.  I would scrape from the top of the area to the bottom, and then swipe up from the left bottom corner to the right corner.

Once the first piece is complete, I would rub my dry towel firmly over the entire strip to make sure the bubbles were gone and it was pressed into the wall.  I didn’t want to use my hand and get grease on the wall.

To cut off excess (I show this in my video) you apply the straight edge of your spackling knife and press it into the edge you need cut off.  Then grab your razor and follow it along the base of the spackling knife.  You don’t need to press hard.  It will cut pretty easily.

I did the same when I was working around the electrical plug.  I pulled off the face (turn off electrical first!) and then used my knife to make the cuts.  I added back on the face plate.

Another tip I used was the level when adding on the next row of paper.  I made sure the strip as over by .5 millimeter onto the already mounted strip (says this in the directions) and then used the level to make sure it wasn’t crooked.

I made a mistake in my measurements on one small section and the bricks did not line up like I had hoped.  I had to cut a one inch strip to fill this space in.  You can hardly tell it’s there!

Additionally we had to add one inch to the edge of the wall.  Once again you can hardly tell that it doesn’t match up perfectly.  Up close you can see it, but step back a few feet and it’s comaflouge.

We love how it turned out!  We can’t wait to add our farmhouse window box and pantry shelving to this space!

Thank you mom for all the help!

Love, Kelly

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