One Room Challenge – Wood Valances

One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge – Week Two

I am loving this challenge still!  My project this week was to create wood valances for my window treatments.  So come follow along as I show you how to do it too!  Make sure you check out all the ladies in this challenge over at for lots of inspiration.  You will love what these designers are coming up with!

Do It Yourself Wood Valance in 10 Steps

How to Make Wood Valances for a window covering

I was looking for a way to decorate these windows and found the most amazing idea on the Shanty2Chic blog (these sisters are my favorite).   These gals are so talented and have the best tutorials.  Their DIY Wooden Window Cornice was what I was looking for in this space.  I had to change mine up a little and wrote how I did that here, but for sure check out their blog post here to get a good idea about what this entails.

Here’s my 6 week outline:

Project One – Shiplap COST $92.00

Project Two – Window Valences COST $45.00

Project Three – Custom Shutters

Project Four – Blinds

Project Five – Decorating

I will give you a quick review of what the first three weeks have looked like:

Week One:  Empty Walls  (see the beginning of our journey here)

How to Make Wood Valances for a window covering - before photo
How to Make Wood Valances for a window covering – before photo

Week Two:  Add Shiplap (read all about it here)

One Room Challenge progress pictures
One Room Challenge – first steps

Week Three:  Add Wood Valances

One Room Challenge Progress Pictures

Ready to learn how to get it done?!  Here we go:

Supplies Needed:

  • 1×6 Board (two 6-8 feet long)
  • 1×4 Board (one 6-8 feet long)
  • 1×3 Board (one 6-8 feet long)
  • Stain or Paint
  • Paint Brush and old rags
  • Two Curtain Rods
  • Screws (1 1/2 inch)
  • Kreg Screws (1 1/2 inch)
  • 3 1/2 inch wood screws (I use hex head screws)

Tools Needed:

Here is my 60 second Do It Yourself Video Tutorial so you can get a quick glimpse of how it is to be done!

Step One – Measure Your Windows

Each window is different so I will not be giving you the measurements of my window.  But you will understand the measurements you will need create your valance.

How to make Wood Valances over a window

  1. You will need to take the measurement of the window opening and add 2 inches to each side.
  2. The curtain rods are about 3 1/2 inches deep, so you will plan on 4 1/2 inches on each side of the valance.

Step Two – Buy Your Wood and Rods

Head over to Home Depot to grab your wood.  You can find curtain rods there as well, Walmart or order them on amazon.  Make sure you grab 2 and that they are the length you need.

How to make Wood Valances over a window How to make Wood Valances over a window

Step Three – Cut Your Wood

Grab your circular saw and some saw horses or a table.  Make sure you lines are as straight as possible (this is my weakness!).

How to make Wood Valances over a window

  • You will cut one of the 1×6 pieces to the length of your window plus the 2 inches on each side.  Cut two of these.   
    • Length of Window + 2 inches = FIRST CUT (2)
  • You will measure the width of your rod – add this measurement plus 1.5 inches.  You will make 4 cuts of this measurement using 1×6 pieces.
    • Width of rod + 1.5 inches = SECOND CUT (4)
  • You will measure the length of your first cut MINUS 1.5 inches (you are going to add this as your top piece and it fits in between the two side brackets of wood – hence the minus 1/5 inches).
    • Length of first cut  – 1.5 inches = THIRD CUT (2)

Step Four – Pocket Holes

If you have never drilled pocket holes before you need to read up on this.  It isn’t hard, you just need a small amount of training.  Refer to my post here on using a Kreg Jig.

Kreg Jig
Kreg Jig K4 Master System
  • You will add ZERO pocket holes to your first cut.
  • You will add 2 pocket holes to each second cut.
  • You will add 3 pocket holes to each third cut.

How to make Wood Valances over a window

Step Five – Put Together Your Valance

Add your side braces to your first cut like this:

How to make Wood Valances over a window

How to make Wood Valances over a window

Then you will add your second piece.  This is the top part of your valance and the way you will attach it onto the wall.

How to make Wood Valances over a window

Step Six – Sand and Stain

You will sand down your valance and then wipe off any extra sawdust.  Pick your stain and get to work.

I first stained with Varathane Briarsmoke and let dry.

How to make Wood Valances over a window

I rubbed on a small layer of Beeswax for a distressed look.

How to make Wood Valances over a window

Then I painted with a top coat of Behr Paint and Primer – Tan.  Once dry, I sanded lightly and this was my outcome (I LOVED IT!):

How to make Wood Valances over a window

How to make Wood Valances over a window

Step Seven – Mount Your Rod

You will look for the studs and mount your rod brackets there, at the end of each window.

How to make Wood Valances over a window

Step Eight – Attach Your Brace

This is the 1×3 wood piece that you will attach your valance too.  Find the studs (this is very important for a secure brace) and mount right above your metal bracket for your rod.  This is where you use your hex head 3.5 screws.  The hex heads give me more grip with my drill.  You need this long to go all the way through your 1×3 brace, the sheet rock, and then into the stud.  Use a level to make sure its even, your valance will be crooked if this is not straight.

How to make Wood Valances over a window

Step Nine – Attach Your Curtains

Slip your curtains onto your rod and attach it to your window.  You are almost done!

How to make Wood Valances over a window

Step Ten – Mount Your Valance

You will now add your completed valance.  You will lay it over the brace and curtain rod.  Make sure it is measured even.  You will take your screws and add one on the top middle area of the valance, attaching the top piece of wood to your sturdy brace.  Then add one to each end of the valance.  See the video tutorial for how I did this.

How to make Wood Valances over a window

It is all done!  Yah!  I love the look it gives this room.  I found some darling curtains at TJ Max for inexpensive.  Now I get to rest for the weekend before I start my shutters!

How to make Wood Valances over a window

Happy Building!



One Room Challenge – Shiplap

– One Room Challenge – Week One


Do It Yourself Shiplap



I am loving this challenge so far, because it keeps me on a schedule and pushes me to get things done.  I am good with a schedule!  Continue to check out all the guests for the One Room Challenge here as well as the 20 influencers participating – its amazing!

Here’s my 6 week outline:

Project One – Shiplap

Project Two – Window Valences

Project Three – Custom Shutters

Project Four – Blinds

Project Five – Decorating

As you know I am working on my living room for this challenge and giving it a facelift.  This is my before:

IMG_7715 copy


So this last week I created my design through sketch to visualize what I wanted to have happen (you can read last weeks post here to see all my plans!).  Just a ruler and pencil is all you need!




My base change of the room is shiplap.  Thanks to Jo Jo we are all loving this stuff.  I have written an in depth tutorial on shiplap here that is a good resource if you haven’t worked with it before.  This time around I tried some new these that I will share.

Step One – Measure

You will want to measure how much shiplap boards you will need.  You do this by taking the area of the wall and subtracting spaces that will not be used (windows and fireplace in my case).  You can use a measuring tape or a laser measure.  I used a laser measure because my room was so big and I was doing it alone.

I love this one from TACKlife.  It is super easy to use and inexpensive, it’s the TACKLife S2-40M Laser Measure and you can order it here from Amazon for $29.




I wasn’t sure how to best get started and learned from a great YouTube tutorial here from TheMrFinneth – it was very helpful.

This laser measure helped me measure the area of the room, windows and fireplace.  My total needed square feet was almost 80 square feet.

Note:  I partnered with TACKlife and HomeRight for this project and loved their products.  These are not affiliate links that I share today, just links for my followers to buy the products if they need them. \




Step Two – Purchase Shiplap

Instead of using a plywood board that is ripped (cut) into 6 inch strips, I opted to use the pre-cut MDF shiplap at The Home Depot this time.  The price was not much different and since it was already primed I liked the idea.  It is heavier to work with though (just beware.)  It cost me $100 for the amount that I needed.


Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 4.47.17 PM


They also carry Pine Shiplap for a slightly higher price point.




I loaded it up and headed home!




Step Three – Paint First Coat

I always paint my first coat before I mount it.  This is optional.  I am just not at good painting and I always tape wrong, therefore getting paint on my walls.  So painting first is my option.  I will add another coat when it is up on the wall, but it is not as detailed.

I used a spray gun for this part and I LOVED IT.  These tools are not that expensive and are so handy.  I partnered with HomeRight and tried their HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra C800971 Paint Sprayer, that you can purchase here from Amazon for $99.




You have to add water to your paint (I used Sherman Williams that was mixed especially to match my baseboards) according to the directions.  I sprayed outside and let fully dry before bringing into the house.



Step Four – Finding Studs

You will measure for your studs using a stud finder and mark them throughout the entire wall.   Then will make lines connecting the marks vertical so you can see where each stud is as you nail.  This can be done with a chalk line or a laser level.

I used the Zircon Stud Finder that you can buy here and it works well for only $12!




Then I connect the marks I made using my TACKlife Laser Level.  This is a great cross line laser tool that you can purchase here.




Using a tripod I was able to keep my line steady and match it up to the marks so I could draw a line.   Once all the studs were found I was ready to add my boards.




Step Five – Mount Your Shiplap

Here I used my Ridgid Nail Gun and air compressor.  Here is how to load your gun:



Now charger your compressor and get ready to nail!  You will have to make sure that you are not following the line of your ceiling because that isn’t always straight.  Here again you will use the Laser Level to help you stay accurate.  You will need your circular handsaw to make the measured cuts.  Generally you will stag your boards like this:




You will use a jigsaw to work your way around the not so straight spaces.  Make sure to be VERY careful around the light switches when you have the plate removed.  I would recommend turning off the power to that area to be fully safe.




This space was SO HARD.  I cut it a zillion times.






It took me 3 days to get the shiplap done, and I worked about 3-4 hours day.  I can’t wait to get painting!

Step Six – Spakling

Here is a video I made of what I use for spakling, how I did it and how to clean it off.  Basically you add your spakling, let dry, and sand off!


Once this space is ready you will get all the painting done.

So it has been a successful week!  Can’t wait to start working on my window valences now – stay tuned…






















Do It Yourself Antiquing Wax

Antiquing Wax



After refinishing the base of my 25 year old green cedar chest, I decided I wanted to finish the top of it just slightly different.  I chose to use a method called “antiquing” and just loved the way it turned out.

Check out the process I used to finish the base using Country Chic Chalk Paint here:

Distressing Furniture

This is the piece before and then after:





Check out my 60 second tutorial and then follow along below for all the details!


Continue reading “Do It Yourself Antiquing Wax”

One Room Challenge – And So It Begins

April 2018 One Room Challenge



For quite some time I have watched as participants of the One Room Challenge create their spaces during the 6 weeks course, being fascinated by the transformation that takes place.  I have always wanted to try it too.  Then last week I decided “I can do it!”  I jumped the gun and registered as a guest participant.  I was nervous pushing that SUBMIT button, because once I did I knew I would be all in.

So here I go.  Today is my first post and the start of MY ONE ROOM CHALLENGE.  I am so grateful to Linda Weinstein, who started her own personal challenge in 2011 with some online friends.  And seven years later has helped blossom this decor challenge to inspire so many of us to do the same.

Come follow along so many of us as we transform our rooms at  There are many featured designers that you can follow here.  You can directly watch all the guest participants here.  You will get ideas and become inspired on how you too can create and change one room at a time.

You can also follow along on their blog at here as well.

So here’s my project:

IMG_7715 copy.jpg



My living is “cute,” but it really needs a spark, a face lift, an energy boost.  I have saved $500 to get to me through the project – so that is what I will be working with.  Each week I will be taking my readers along my journey in creating this new space.

Want to see what I have in mind?!

First Step – Adding Shiplap

I will be adding shiplap to add depth to the back wall.  I have a shiplap tutorial here that I wrote last year on the process.  I can’t wait to do it again.  This is what my first attempt at shiplap looked like (before and after):





I love what it did to my entry way!  It was very inexpensive but added so much light to the area.

Second Step – Adding Shutters

I love the way shutters look and have always wanted to build some.  I will be following some tutorials from found here to help me learn.




These guys will hang on the side of my large family photo on my mantle.  I also made this frame for the photo on my own and for next to nothing.  Below is an example of an additional one I made.  You can read that blog post here called Do It Yourself Wall Art.




Third Step – Adding Lights

I will be adding hanging lights or lanterns to the shutters for depth.  Farmhouse hooks and battery operated lights will be in the mix.  I love these ones found here from Amazon:


Fourth Step – Adding Window Treatments

Some of my favorite DIY sisters have the coolest idea for window treatments.  I have wanted to add them for along time.  You can find their tutorial here that I will be following.




Fifth Step – Decorating

I can’t wait to come up with some ideas of how to spice the place up.  It will all depend on what I have left over from my $500.  So stay tuned for all the details on this part!

I hope you will follow along on my journey over the next six weeks to finish my ONE ROOM CHALLENGE.


Happy Building friends!