DIY Table Setting in 5 Steps

Do It Yourself Table Setting in 5 Steps

I love keeping a table set, it makes me feel that much closer to a prepared dinner (even if nothing is started!). For years I thought it would cost a fortune to keep a table set, so I shied away from it. A few years ago I realized I had been wrong this whole time. I want to show you how easy to can be!

Step One – Placemat

Start with a placemat. It can be round, square, or rectangle. I found rope mats at Ross Dress for Less for CHEAP! Walmart, TJ Max and HomeGoods are also great places to look.

Step Two – Charger

I love to layer a charger next. Here I used a Mozaiko chargers that a designer sent to me which you can grab here.

You can also purchase them at varies home decor stores.

One of my favorites is homemade wood chargers. They are so inexpensive to make! Follow my tutorial here on that project.

Step Three – Dishes

I love different styles of plates. You can grab these anywhere, even second hand stores! I found my square white ones at Dollar Tree and Ross Dress for Less.

Adding one is perfect. If you are serving salad or soup you can add another dish as well.

Step Four – Linens

I hated folding my mom’s table napkins growing up. I never ever wanted some. It took me 15 years of marriage to even consider getting them! Now I am in love. Add some napkins. Fold them, add a napkin ring, or just leave them flat. I was lucky enough to get my Granny’s linens and that is what I used here.

Step Five – Decor

Adding some sort of decor really adds to the space. I love greenery. I have see my girlfriends add fruit, veggies, mini wood houses or flowers. You can’t go wrong! Whatever the season is, add it. Here I added a spring of greenery that I grabbed from Joann Fabrics. I bought one and broke it apart (used wire cutters). It is super simple but refreshing. You can also add your cups and silverware. I usually don’t because it’s too cluttered for me. YOU DO YOU – add what you want and let your creativity run wild. Shop your home, change things up, and enjoy the pleasure it brings of making your house a home. Sending lots of encouragement your way!Kelly

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