Do It Yourself – Hutch Curtains


Years ago I got the cutest hutch which I love.  Soon after a soccer ball went flying through the class door and shattered it.  One month later the other door was toast.  So it has sat open and not so cute for 2 years now!  I was ready for some way to hide the things stored behind these doors and came up with a super simple way.  Here is the before and after photos:

Come check out my 60 second video tutorial and then read below for all the details!

Supplies Needed:

  • 2-4 Mini Tensions Rods
  • 1 Small Curtain

Tools Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Glue or Sewing Machine (optional)


Step One – Measure Opening

You will measure the opening of your area first,

and then add 2 inches to the each side in length.

Step Two – Cut Curtain


You will leave to original opening of the curtain at the top (this will be where you insert your rod) and then measure the size you need.  Cut it out.  If your material frays easily you might want to hem or glue the edges.  I didn’t need to with mine.



Step Three – Insert Your Rod

You will insert your rod through the original opening of the curtain.

Before you hang it you might need to remove old hardware if you had glass doors.

This is what the back will look like:


Step Three – Optional Base Rod

If you do not like the bottom material being free, you can add another tension rod to the base.  I just placed mine right over the fabric to hold it in.  But you could hem the bottom and slide it through as well.



This is what the front looks like when you use two tension rods:


You are all done!  Super easy way to cover up the hutch door openings!



Let us know if you have any questions!



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