Do It Yourself Project Planner

At the beginning of each year, I schedule out my DIY Projects for the upcoming year to keep me organized and focused. I create a plan that is easy for me to accomplish and space out these projects to fit my schedule and budget. Here is your FREE 20 page e-book to help you start planning!

Sound like something you would like? Grab my FREE 20 page E-Book: DIY Edition here. This simple e-book walks you through my strategy of how to organize my projects and implement them into my home.

You will receive:

  • My 5 step strategy on getting your ideas in order for your projects
  • Pinterest Board Calendar
  • Idea List Planner
  • Project List Planner
  • Monthly Activities Calendar
  • Monthly Project Calendar
  • Weekly Project Tracking Sheet


  • How-To Guide with links to my top visited tutorials
  • Tools Checklist Form with links to purchase
  • Budget Ideas on how to help pay for your projects

I hope you find this helpful as you move forward on making your house into a home!

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