Master Bedroom Update with Get Real Beds that come in Box!

Sponsored by Real Bed


We have had the same bed for over 8 years (a hand-me-down from my Aunt and we have been so grateful for it, but it was time for a big kid bed).   We wanted an “as healthy as possible” option because my allergies are the worst.  We found out about the Real Bed Company and are so exciting to be partnering with them to show you how easy it is to get this bed to your home, especially during this “self-isolation” period we are all in.

Real Bed King Size Mattress delivered to your home 

The Real Bed Company has some amazing qualities that drew me in.  It has all natural certified organic materials, you can order online and it is shipped to your door, they donate to a No Kill Animal Shelter, and have a 100 night trial commitment.  Plus they have been rated as the “Best Mattress for Couples Under $1000” on the Today Show.  Can you see why I was so excited to get mine?  Serious good qualities!

“Best Mattress for Couples Under $1000”

Once we ordered our mattress we waited for it arrive – and it came fast!  I wasn’t sure how they would really ship a king mattress in a box, but I was pleasantly surprised.  But be warned, it is heavy!  Mike and I had to lift it together to get it onto our box spring.  We cut the main bag that sealed it tight and it unfolded onto the bed.  I would for sure recommend having it in place before cutting the seal so you don’t have to move it again. 

Real Bed King Size Mattress delivered to your home

Once we took off the entire plastic packaging, it inflated well and took its shape.  It takes a little bit to be fully formed, but it was worth the wait.  This thing is soft and comfortable.  The springs are strong (I forgot to mention this is not a memory foam bed) and flexible.  

Real Bed King Size Mattress delivered to your home

We had a fun time setting it up and were so happy to have a new bed.  After 21 years of marriage we will like we are adults now!  If you are interested in a Real Bed you can use our coupon code CITYGIRL for a $50 discount too.  Head here to check them out.

Real Bed King Size Mattress delivered to your home

Real Bed King Size Mattress delivered to your home

Real Bed King Size Mattress delivered to your home

Let us know if we can answer any questions for you about Real Bed!  Happy Sleeping!

Kelly and Mike 

Living Room Update with Hunter Fan Company

Sponsored by Hunter Fan Company

We love this living room area, but since the back of our home faces the west, we get really hot sunshine in the afternoon and this space heats up quickly. Even with the air conditioning on high – the summer is still hot in here. It makes it tricky to host guests as well. We decided we needed a fan that was simple, matched our home style, and extremely powerful.

We had used the Warrant Industrial Sized Hunter fan in another area of the house and we have loved it (read can read that post here). I wrote to Hunter Fan Company and asked what their recommendation would be for the best for this space – a 16 foot tall ceiling and angles to deal with. They were so helpful and agreed the Warrant 70 inch was the fan for us because of it’s strategic design. It’s industrial sized with two different metallic finishes (Noble Bronze & Brushed Nickel) metal and multiple blade color options as their fan blades are also reversible! 

Hunter Ceiling Fan Installation Warrant 70 in Silver

Since we did not have an existing fan in this space, so Mr. Farmboy had to climb into the rafters to make a space that we could wire up the fan. I was the helper for sure! It took us some time and a really big ladder, but we got the wiring worked out after an hour or two.

Hunter Ceiling Fan installation with Warrant 70 in Brushed Nickel

This fan is super powerful, and I love the reversable blade option. Additionally it comes in 60 inch or 70 inch, as well as Noble Bronze or Brushed Nickel base. We went with the Warrant 70 inch in Noble Bronze with oak blades.

We have an attic space where he was able to climb up in and manuever through the rafters. If you do this, make sure to wear a mask – it can be hard to breath up there. He located where we wanted the fan (we measured between the 4 canned lights in the ceiling and opted for the middle). He drilled a hole and pulled the electrical wire to attach to the base.

The directions that come with the fan were easy to follow, take your time to understand the process of assembly and installation. He installed the base first, then assembled the blades separately before adding them to the base. You will be able to pick between the Drifted Oak or Bleached Oak blades, making sure that the color you choose is facing down.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Installation Warrant 70 in Silver

The outlet is a simple installation – just not for me. Hubby knew exactly what to do and got it done pretty quickly. Now this controls the light and fan speed right from the wall!

Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Switch for Warrant 70 Industrial Fan

After this was complete the fan was up and ready to go – yahoo! We seriously love how quiet and powerful it is. Keeps the entire room cooled down. We loved working with Hunter Fan Company for this project!

Hunter Ceiling Fan in Living Room Warrant 70 inch in Brushed Nickel

Simple Master Bedroom Update – Ceiling Fan Installation with Hunter Fan Company

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hunter Fan Company. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Master Bedroom Hunter Ceiling Fan Installation Process
Master Bedroom

We love having a fan in our bedroom and we were ready to change out our builder grade dark brown one for something with a little more power as well as design style. After looking through the Hunter Fan Company website for a bit, I landed on the perfect one!

Hunter Fan Company Industrial Fan Warrant 70 Silver
Hunter Fan Industrial Size Fan
Warrant 70 inch Silver

We chose the Warrant 70 in Silver, an industrial-size fan that is used in the home. It also had an LED light and wall control panel. We were so excited to try this thing out!

We took off our old fan and sold it on Facebook (always good to earn some extra cash, am I right?!). Then my hubby followed the directions and got to work. 

After turning off the electricity, he installed the base of the fan first.

After this part was finished, he put together each fan blade. This part is simple and only requires a screw driver. There is two different shades of blades to choose from, Drifted Oak or Bleached Grey Pine. We chose the cooler version, the Grey Pine. 

Hunter Ceiling Fan Installation Process
Adding the Blades

Then he attached each blade to the base. He stood on a ladder to keep steady and added all five blades to the base.

How to install a Hunter Ceiling Fan
Installing the Blades

Once the fan blades were installed, he started to work on the light switch. This is such an amazing feature and controls the fan speed and the light, with arrows to adjust both. This was a big selling point for us and we love it.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Switch
The Light Switch Component

We are absolutely delighted with the new fan in the Master Bedroom!  It is powerful and quiet. It keeps us cool at night and truly does not make a sound. It is absolutely beautiful and so well built. We love it so much we are going to install the same one in our living room soon!

Hunter Ceiling Fan Master Bedroom
We love this Hunter Fan!
Hunter Ceiling Fan Master Bedroom
Hunter Fan Master Bedroom

Make sure to check out the Hunter Fan Website and this amazing Warrant Fan here. Let me know if you have any questions!

Love, Kelly

Hunter Ceiling Fan Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
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Workout Room Makeover

Workout Room Makeover

Sponsored by HGTV HOmE® by Sherwin-Williams

This “little boys room turned momma workout room” is coming along! If you follow me on Instagram at CITYGIRLMEETSFARMBOY you have seen the process of getting rid of all my sons decor (including huge bunk beds), ordering the workout equipment that was right for our family, and figuring out what to do with the bare walls.

I am so excited to be partnering with HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams to show you how easy it is to give a room a facelift, all by yourself. I traveled to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina to meet the HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams team and to get up close and personal with their 2020 Simply Blissful Collection. I toured the HGTV® Dream Home 2020 and this really bought the color pallet to life for me.

I fell in love with the Blue Endeavour (HGSW1451) in the pantry they showcased and decided that is exactly what I wanted in my workout room. It’s a deep color that is calming but also masculine.

I headed to Lowes to pick up the paint. The entire collection from HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams was displayed beautifully and the paint department was super helpful. I grabbed a gallon of Infinity Blue Endeavour (HGSW1451) and a quart of Infinity Finian Blue (HGSW2384).

I also picked up the Purdy 6-Piece Premium Paint Kit. It is a great deal and had all the pieces I needed for the large wall. I also grabbed a mini roller for the boards I was adding to the wall.

Time to get started! I wanted to create a Modern Board and Batten Wall that I had seen on the Plank and Pillow Blog here. The tutorial the Henry and Brooke wrote is so easy to follow and super helpful. I got some other inspiration from the Angela Rose Home Blog and her accent wall here. I sent her some messages and she walked me through the design process which helped me a ton. Between these two posts you can see how easy it is to install this wall on your own.

I filled in the nail holes, let dry, and then sanded down before I started to paint.

Once the wall was all complete I was ready to paint. This stuff is awesome because it is paint and primer in one, and only requires one coat. You can be generous with the paint as you roll it in the Purdy rollers.

This Blue Endeavour (HGSW1451) color really turned out beautifully. Once it dried completely I was so smitten by how subtle the color was, but how it added such a beautiful statement. I added some custom signs that I had made from The Handmade Sign Company that had encouraging work out quotes.

I then used Finian Blue (HGSW2384) to create beautiful baskets for the towels. I love how any color in this collection can compliment the other so well. These two blues together really kept the flow of the room and added a calming feeling to the room.

I then finished decorating the room and absolutely loved the final product! This place is now a spacious work out room that has such beautiful colors in it.

This Blue Endeavor (HGSW1451) modern board and batten wall created the best standout statement for this room. I could not be happier with the color scheme and the supplimental Finian Blue (HGSW2384) color adds such a wonderful serene accent to the space.

Thank you for following along with me on this fun work out room update! I loved partnering with HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams for this project and know you will love this paint line found at Lowe’s!

You can see all the colors of The Simply Blissful Color Collection here:
Blue Endeavour (HGSW1451)
Vanillin (HGSW4038)
Gristmill Greige (HGSW2485)
Mint to Be (HGSW2327)
Restful (HGSW2285)
Island Time (HGSW2312)
Coral Reef HGSW1074)
Romance (HGSW2067) – 2020 Color of the Year
Finian Blue (HGSW2384)
Fundamental White (HGSW4001)

Simple DIY Christmas Decor with HART Tools

Sponsored by Hart Tools and Walmart

Ready for a simple Christmas DIY project to make last minute?  These wood presents are fast and make a great statement piece.  They are inexpensive and last forever. I am so excited to be partnering with HART Tools and Walmart to show how easy it is to use these tools – anyone can do it!

Tools Needed:

HART Circular Saw

HART 20v Hand Drill

HART Drill Bit Set

HART Multi-Tool

HART Measuring Tape

Materials Needed:

1×10 Pine Board – 6 feet long



Step One: Tools

You can order your tools online or in your local Walmart. You will most likely find them near the auto section. I link them here for you as well. I recently attended the launch of the HART Tools and WALMART Partnership and it was amazing to get hands on experience with these tools. I loved learning from the designers and HART team. They are at such a great price point and are so well built. You guys will love these!

Step Two: Cutting

Cut your board into the lengths you desire. There is no right or wrong way to do this. I chose the 1×10 board (which is really 9 1/2 inches wide), but you can use any size you would like. Use your HART Measuring Tape to measure out your lengths. The first cut was 9 1/2 inches long. The second cut was 13 1/2 inches long. The third cut was 17 1/2 inches long.

Using the HART Circular Saw is very simple. Follow the directions to install the blade and make sure you have eye protection on. Mark your lines and make your cut. Familiarize yourself with the safety features and different functions of the saw as well.

Additionally I wanted to make two holes in the center of the boards for tying my ribbon. I want to make sure these boards can be changed up and did not want to glue ribbon on it permanently. For the smallest square board I found the center and then measure 1/2 inch away from it toward the top right corner and the bottom left corner. I then used my HART DRILL and my HART 1/2 inch Spade Bit to make the hole. It was my first time using a spade bit and it was really simple.

I then did the same thing to the other boards, but this time it was not in the center. It was 3/4 way to the top of these boards.

Step Three: Sanding

I used my HART Multi-Tool for sanding the edges down. I like my boards pretty rustic so I didn’t need a lot of sanding. This tool was perfect for the job.

Step Four: Painting

You can do any look you desire. Stain only. Paint only. Or leave the boards raw. I chose to do a chippy paint look. This process is mapped out in my blog post here. For a simple review, these are the steps:

  1. Paint the board a darker color with dark paint or stain and let dry.
  2. Rub Vasaline onto edges and certain parts of the board that you want the paint to “chip off” of.
  3. Paint a top coat of lighter paint and let dry.
  4. Use a sander to gently rub off the top coat of paint where the Vasaline is.
  5. Finish with a top coat.

Step Five: Ribbon

You can tie the ribbon in anyway you would like. I first added the length of bow ribbon through the holes. I left them untied as I added a different color of ribbon vertically and horizontally across the top. I then turned the board over and taped the ribbon with duct tape to the back, once again so I can change it out later. You can glue or staple gun it if you prefer a more permanent ribbon.

I then turned back over the board and added different elements as I tied the bows. One board had a bell, the other two had some greenery. Just be creative and do what you like!

You have finished your DIY Wood Presents! You can set them anywhere or even hang them from the back where the ribbon has looped.

I have just loved using these HART Tools available at Walmart. They are perfect for any DIYer!

Holiday Safety Awareness

Sponsored Post with First Alert

We are getting ready for the holidays and making sure our family is safe and sound. So I am partnering with First Alert to discuss a very important topic.  You can find more information here on winter safety

Did you know that 50,000 people each year get sick from Carbon Monoxide poisoning? And it will take 400 of these individuals lives, half of which take place during November through February. It is called the Silent Killer because it is a gas that is invisible, odorless and deadly. The only way to detect it is the have a CO alarm in your home.

First Alert’s top priority is keeping families safe. So they invented a new CO alarm that has a 10 year battery life that can be set on a shelf. It is called the First Alert 10-Year Sealed Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm. It is stylish design that shows the temperature, and will alarm you when CO levels are too high. The best part? There is no installation required!

Mine arrived in the mail this week and I was so excited to try it out. The directions were simple and easy to follow. The box was darling and reminded me of The Elf on The Shelf!

I couldn’t believe how simple it really was. I turned it on and followed the directions. Within minutes it was up and running.

I found a place in the kitchen that was far enough away from the appliances (they recommend 5 feet). My floating shelves were the perfect spot and the alarm hid nicely there.

This CO alarm by First Alert is so simple and so effective. Make sure to snag one here so you can rest assured that your family is safe this holiday season. We hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Simple Way to Hang a Gallery Wall

Sponsored by Plott 

Hanging a gallery wall can be a daunting task when thinking of getting your measurements right. So what if I told you there was a device that did it for you? Well…you guessed it!! I recently discovered The Cubit Measurement Tool and Plott App. These two things work together through modern technology to measure for you, then tell you exactly where you need to make your nail hole. Amazing right?

This wall was large and boring. I added some wallpaper and lights for some depth. I knew my end goal was a gallery wall of black and white photos (I grabbed these from Frame It Easy here) . I used The Cubit Measurement Tool and Plott App to figure out these measurements and it gave me so much confidence.

Step One

Purchase The Cubit and download The Plott App. You will use these for many projects to come.

They have amazing short videos to watch here that will help you understand the basics of this tool set. Watching these really helped me get a grasp of how to use them.

Step Two

You will charge your Cubit and have it handy when opening The Plott App because they need to sync. Now you are ready to start your measurements. The app will also walk you through the steps as you go. You will open the app up and sync your device, then start the project! It will ask you to name the room you are starting got the project.

Step Three

Measure you frame. You will have the opportunity to add more frames if you have different sizes. Otherwise you can duplicate the first measurement like I did – 9 times since I had 9 frames that were exactly the same size.

Your phone becomes the measurement tool for this part. Center the square as directed, then start measuring your frame. Once again, you will be prompted for each step as you go.

When you are happy with this measurements you will measure the back. It took me a few tries to get it exactly right. But I quickly figured out the way to get this part done.

The back side is important because you are telling the app where you want to hang your frame. If you have a wire, pull it up where you will put the nail and make a mark. This will help you mark it when seeing it through your phone.

Once saved this will become an object that you will label and use later.

Step Four

Measure your wall. I made the mistake of not listening to directions and started from the top. And as you can guess, it came out wrong. So I read the directions better and figured out what I was doing wrong.

You start measuring the wall from the bottom left corner, then drag your phone to the right corner and up to the top. I recommend giving yourself plenty of backup space and distance. I was too closet the first time around.

The wall will be saved and you are ready for the next step!

Step Five

You will add the frames to the wall and move them around to fit your space. You can aline them so the are equally spaced if you need. I fiddled with this part for awhile. Finally you will number the frames in the order you will hang them.

Step Six

It’s time to mark the wall! The Cubit will sync to your Plott App and will tell you where to mark your nail holes according to your numbered frames. This thing is brilliant! Make sure it’s turned so the red lights will hit the side wall and the ground or ceiling. This needs to match the same lines on the app (tap the screen to change these).

Roll the Cubit along the area where you want to hang the first one. The arrow and measurements on the screen will tell you where to move the Cubit. Once you are at the right spot it will beep and say PLOTT. Head to the lit arrow on the Cubit and mark you spot for the nail. Do this now for each frame. I added sticky notes for mine.

Step Six

Then you add your nails and hang your frames.  Look at that!! It was so nice to not re-drill so many holes and ruin my wallpaper. The Cubit and Plott made this project a one time hang up job, verses tons of mistakes.

You can grab The Cubit right here, enjoy this new tool!


Thanksgiving Time with Tree Classics

Sponsored by Tree Classics

Halloween is over and that means Christmas decorations are going up in our house! We aren’t hosting Thanksgiving this year so I don’t feel one bit bad about getting Christmas done early. But if you are hosting and need some ideas on how to decorate – you are in luck just the same!

This week I am joining 5 other bloggers to showcase holiday decor for the Thanksgiving season. It’s ok to mix Christmas decorations with Thanksgiving Time! Pinecones and pine trees go great with both! Here is a list of each days post from these amazing bloggers so you won’t miss one:

Monday: Krissy from Bold Boundless Blonde Blog

Tuesday: Kelly (me!) from City Girl meets Farm Boy Blog

Wednesday: Mary from Selah Pines Farmhouse Blog

Thursday: Lori from My Lovely Texas Home YouTube & Katie from Baker Nest Blog

Friday: Jennifer from Jennifer Lutz at Home Blog

I am so excited to be partnering with Tree Classics for this post. Their products are beautiful and have a great price point. Here is what I used from their website found here:

Kennedy Fir Slim Tree

I needed a slim tree with a pull apart frame and bright lights. This beauty was perfect.

I added some ribbon and sprays I had left over from last year to get me going.

Silver and Gold Ornament Collection

I snagged this set because it came in a 50 pack of assorted styles which I loved. They shipped them in a storage box that I can use over and over. They were just stunning!

Festive Holiday Picks

I wanted alot of texture to my tree so I picked up a set of Snowy Berry Holiday Picks. They are really sturdy and bendable. They looked great with the tree.

Shimmering Snow Tree Skirt

For the final touch I needed a tree skirt to match. The Shimmering Snow skirt went perfect with the mix of gold and silver ornaments. Plus it’s so soft! I loved it.

It only took about about an hour to get this baby up and looking complete. Tree Classics products come so easy to use and I know this will be a beautiful tree for the entire season, as well as many years to come!

Simple Fall Door Decor

The post is sponsored and organized by Tree Classics. Their team supports and encourages family & friend gatherings and I am so excited to be connecting with them this holiday season.

This season of Thanksgiving has always been a special one for me. I love nothing more than sitting with my family in the kitchen, cooking together and visiting.  Especially because we are all so spread out and far apart – it has become a cherished moment each year.

I am joining some other amazing bloggers to share simple ways to set the scene for these Treasured Celebrations.  You will truly love this blog hop and I hope you enjoy the individuality of their homes!

The first thing that my friends and family see as they come to our home is our porch.  It’s important to me that it is warm and inviting, that they know they are welcome there.  We added some very simple touches this season to do just that, and it only took a few minutes.

I grew up in a home where my mother worked hard to create a simple but lovely home on a budget.  Her creativity and work was such an example to me, so I carry on the tradition of celebrating holidays with a festive home.

I love Tree Classics and the decor that they offer.  We live in a cold and snowy area in Utah, hence we need hardy faux products to handle the elements.  I found the perfect ones!  I snagged the Classic Fraser Fir Festive Wreath in the 32 inch size.  It is made so well and also has battery powered lights.  The second piece I grabbed was the Classic Fraser Fir 12 Foot Lighted Garland.

Note:  You can use the coupon code TCWG10 until October 31, 2019 to get an extra discount on your Tree Classics purchase.  This applies to sale items as well!  

I was so pleasantly surpised at how well they were already filled with pinecones, golden buds and faux leaves.  So much so that I didn’t have to add any other fillers!

They are packaged well and you can reuse the boxes to keep them stored.  You will need to fluff the wire stems and cones.  This is simple and easy.

The battery powered lights are attached and easy to hide.

I used nails and 3M outdoor hooks to hang the 12 foot garland.  It hangs really nicely down the sides of the door.

I did the same with the hooks to hang the wreath.  This large wreath filled the door super nicely.

Now my porch is ready to greet my guests and help them feel like I am prepared for their visit.  I can’t wait to create more treasured memories with my family this Thanksgiving season!

Home Improvement Design Tips

Home Improvement Tips to Turn Your Home into Paradise

I am welcoming another guest blogger today to give us simple design tips for your home. Lisa Bell has some great ideas that I think you will love!

Are you looking to improve the aesthetics of your home? Are you tired of the same old boring interior or exterior décor of your home and looking to spice things up? Do you simply want to turn your home into a paradise?

Look no further; this article would give some marvelous home improvement tips that can turn your home into a paradise.

Let’s go!

Here Are Some Tips to Help Your Quest

Make the Deck New Again

We know how much of a sore sight a deck with mold and mildew can be. It makes it look more like a disgusting zone than a nice place to hang out. Why don’t you clean it out and place some nice furniture on it? Accessories like wind chimes and potted plants would further accentuate the look of your deck.

Transform your Porch into an Open-Air Room

Turning your porch into another room is another way you can turn your home into a paradise. You can customize it to fit your style. Install white curtains, bamboo chairs, and tribal patterns if you want something exotic. If you prefer a simpler look, include a farm table and a sideboard for storage.

Keep your pool in Tiptop Shape

Your pool would say a lot about you so it is important that you keep it in top shape by regularly cleaning it. You can make it easier for yourself by getting a robotic pool cleaner. Not only do they get the job done faster, they are almost always more efficient than humans (as the machines are now taking over). There are many types and kinds of robotic pool cleaners that differ based on so many different specifications. Check for the one that is the most suitable for you on the website “Robotic Pool Cleaners Compared”.

Build a screen door

A screen door would let more natural light in while keeping the bugs and other unwanted guests out. You do not necessarily need a technician to help you with the door; as you can easily assemble one yourself.

Install a Porch Swing

Another way you can work on your porch is by hanging a porch swing. Lounging on your porch and taking in the beautiful sights and smells of your neighborhood is one hell of a treat. Now imagine doing all of that on a swing. A swing on your porch would also add a nice and elegant touch of style to your curb appeal. If you do not have a porch, you can hang a swing on your deck or in your garden.

Open your space with a wooden mirror

If you are searching for a way to open up a cramped room, consider putting in a mirror. They are a foolproof way of making your room seem bigger than it is. A wooden mirror would infuse a rustic element into the overall interior décor of your room.

Bring plants and flowers indoors

By installing houseplants into your home, you can create a rather soothing atmosphere. It can also help improve the air quality of your home and there is nothing more paradisal than a house with good airflow. The flowery presence would also give your room a completely unique appearance. If you cannot trust yourself with life flowers, you can get faux vines that require no maintenance.   

Turn your attic into something more

Most attics are full of bad and worn-out furniture that just collects dust. Why not transform all that free space into something more worthwhile? It could be a new guest room or den where you get to relax with friends. Turning your dusty attic into a guest room is just one step closer towards turning your home into paradise.


Look no further. Your home can look like a paradise. Luckily, you only need to start with the tips in this article.