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I have always loved using my creative side to come up with ways to decorate my space. Even as a little girl I was finding ideas by window shopping at Mervyns or page turning the JCPenny catalogue. That followed me into my college and young married days. I had to get very creative as a young mother on a tight budget, and my love of DIY projects was born. I would shop all the local thrift stores and see how I could turn something old into something new. I taught myself how to stain, paint, craft, glue and sew. These hobbies kept my mind fresh and my hands busy. At age 40 I found myself wondering how to spend my newly found time when all the kids were at school. I had always wanted to build things, but tools made me nervous. So that very birthday (per my request), Mr. Farmboy picked up some takeout and then sat me down to teach me how to use a nail gun - exactly what I wanted. From that day on I was hooked. I committed to a project a week for the year I was 40. I slowly started to document these projects, and CITYGIRLMEETSFARMBOY was born. Over the past few years I have not only continued my projects, but also taught myself how to document them. So THAT is what this blog is all about. My journey. My ideas. My do-overs and my “hope this works” projects. I am learning as I go and I hope you come along with me. I am a firm believer that anyone can create spaces they love to be in. That mess up’s are ok. That things don’t have to be perfect. That the hardest part is just being brave enought to start. And that the biggest satisfaction is walking into a room that you love and saying to yourself, “I. Did. That.” So glad you are here!

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Married my college sweetheart from Montana


Raising 4 amazing kiddos

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Mia my yorkie is my buddy and model for photos!


I love to practice projects on a daily basis


I am Christian woman who loves the Lord

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