Faith, Family and Farmhouses

I love sharing amazing bloggers who offer so much talent to our community. This week My HomeGirls House feature is Brendt from She Gave It A Go Blog. You can see all her goodness right here. Let me show you some of my favorite parts about her!

Um, before we get started can we just take a minute to swoon over her bedroom!? I love it! She is such an amazing blogger and offers this community countless ways of inspired content. This blog post (found here) on fall decor ideas is such a great example of the things she gathers for us to learn about!

She believes in family and has content focused on inspiring us to be our best selves. She has 4 darling kiddos and an amazing hubby !

I always love a good DIY and Brendt gives us that!! Her hubby, Andy, is her right hand man in these projects and helps readers learn how to make their home better. This post on shiplap and fireplaces is awesome!

I know if you spend some time on her space you will adore her like I do, as well as learn so many great things on creating a beautiful space!!

The home decor community is so lucky to have Brendt Blanks be apart of it. So glad to have all her inspiration and knowledge!!

Have a good week!


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