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Would you like the look of old aged wood but do not want the hassle of cleaning it (as I show you here)?  There is a wonderful solution!  I am so excited to showcase an amazing product that I have discovered, it is super simple – anyone can do it!

When I found Weather Wash I was sold, I couldn’t wait to try it out on this table that needed some love.  It was easier, less smelly and less messy than I imagined.

Check out my 60 second DIY tutorial here, then stick around for great details on this do it yourself project!

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The easiest way I have found to get the weathered look is to use Weather Wash products. It is amazing and so simple to use – let me show you!

Here are my before and after shots:

And this is the miracle product:




Step One – Sanding 

You will sand down your wood.  I had to do it inside because I couldn’t move my table, but I wouldn’t recommend it – you will pay for later with the clean up.  Even though the sander has a catch bag, small particles of dust still release into the air and settles everywhere.


This hand sander was perfect for sanding in the smaller cracks as well.


Step Two – Dusting

You will need to wipe down your wood to remove the extra dust before you weather.  I used my Norwex Dusting Mitt and it works really well!


Step Three – Applying Weather Wash

I used Rusted for my color choice.  On their website you can pick from many different stains.  They also offer reference guides for the type of wood you are using.  This one is for Rusted and it really helped me decide on the color I needed.


After stirring your stain, you apply it evenly with a paint brush.  It will soak into the wood.  You wipe off the excess and allow it to dry.  You will do this over and over until you achieve the weathered look that you desire.   Below I show the drying process.  The first photo is the initial application.  The second photo is part-way dry.  The last photo is completely dry.  You can see the true weathered color once it’s completely dry.

Here is my fully wet table:


Here it is almost fully dry:


Step Four – Apply Varnish

This weather will not be protected if you do not put some type of varnish over the top. Weather Wash sells a great top coat for you to use.   Gently apply your coat with a paint brush and allow to fully dry.

Your all done!  You now have beautifully refinished your project.


Hope you enjoy this product as much as we do!  Let us know if you have any questions.



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