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Each Monday my good friends Tammy, Jodi and I love to feature one of our favorite homegirls and their beautiful houses.  On Instagram we call it #ourhomegirlshouse feature.   We get to interview these ladies and learn about their style, favorite room, and advice for growing IG feeds.  Today we are taking you on an Alumni HomeGirls House Tour!  We are sharing seven of our first interviews, their homes and how to catch up on each of these ladies.  Come along and join us!

IMG_8267Chelsey of @littlenestof4 has a vintage style that has us swooning.  She is a dedicated mother and DIY creator.   Her advice to growing decor feeds is this:

“BE YOU. It’s sounds cliche but it is so incredibly easy to become obsessed with who IG wants you to be, losing your true roots and the entire purpose as to why you started. There will always be someone “better” or “bigger” but we are ALL different colors, coming together to make a beautiful picture.”

We just love her! Check out Chelsey’s entire interview on Instagram at #ourhomegirlchelsey.


Meeghan from @caligirlinasouthernworld has such an amazing story.  This city life living turned true farm girl has amazing talent that blows us away.  She tells us her feelings on growing an IG decor account:

“Be true to yourself and your integrity.  Don’t compromise who you are and what you value just to get more followers.  Most people started their IG accounts to share inspiration and receive inspiration, don’t forget that the initial purpose behind what started your journey.”

Check out her amazing blog here and her interview on Instagram at #ourhomegirlmeeghan.


Jenny from @acleanprismlife  has an eye for crisp, sharp detail.  Her desire for simplicity is stunning.  Her words ring true for so many of us decorators:

“Be proud of your decor choices and find confidence in being unique.  But still gather inspiration from other accounts to better your own work.  Also, make connections! Befriending people in this community has been incredible!!”

Find more inspiration on her blog here and read up on her interview at #ourhomegirljenny here.


Kristy from @creepingfigcottage has such an amazing farmhouse style.  She brings beauty to such rustic pieces. Kristy says make an effort to stay true to YOU which is harder than it sounds. With so many styles and images constantly flooding your screen it’s easy to lose yourself and forget what your “style” really is.

“Our styles are always changing and evolving but it’s important to stay connected to what really brings you joy! For me this means unplugging from social media when I need to.”

Check her fabulous interview here on Instagram at #ourhomegirlkristy.


Sharlie from @thefrontporchfarmhouse inspires so many with her dedication to goodness on IG.  Her farmhouse style is so inviting.  She reminds us to not get down on ourselves.  “I don’t ever want to forget what it’s like for new IG home decor accounts. We all started with 0 followers.”  Sharlie says “go out there and comment on people’s pics! It’s the best way to start connecting and making friendships with other people and get noticed.”

Check out her uplifting blog here and her IG interview at #ourhomegirlsharlie.


Kirsten at @brightyellowdoor has been sharing her decorating ideas for some time now. She nows how to decorate with beautiful colors and bring happiness to her home.  Her big advice for growing IG accounts?

“Be authentic, love what you’re doing, and engage engage engage!”

Check out her fun blog here and our awesome interview with her on IG at #ourhomegirlkirsten.


Our final home stop on this HomeGirls House Tour is the amazing April from @sweetkentuckyholler.   Her commitment to her family and Jesus is inspiring.  And they way she decorates is amazing!  She tells us:

“Just be yourself! Share things that you love and be authentic in your photos and captions. I love accounts that give you a glimpse of the kind of person they are along with their style. This is such a sweet community and I feel like I’ve made some of the best friends in my life, sharing home decor on here.”

You will find her blog here. And don’t forget to check out all her tips and ideas in her interview at #ourhomegirlapril!

Join us every Monday on Instagram for another look into Our HomeGirls Houses!



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