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There is something about checking out your homegirls house and swooning over her creativity.  We get inspiration when we learn and grow from each other.  That’s exactly how I feel checking out Carla from OakHillFarms (check her insta page here).  Her dedication to family, her love for simple home decor, and passion for gardening makes me wish we were neighbors!  Then her growing business of all soy wax candles, goats milk soap, natural lip balms has me crushin – she’s amazing!  (And check out her etsy shop right here, you will love it!)


Come stroll with me as we check out her home and get to know her better.  I am sure you will adore her as much as I do.


I asked her some fun questions to see more into her life than just her home decor ideas. She is delightful.  First off – “What is your favorite time of the day?”

Dinner time she says.  “The girls help cooking and setting up the table, my husband leads us in prayer and we talk, we laugh…sometimes we even cry because life is not perfect but we are always there to listen to each other.”


She just loves her family.  This is probably why she picked the kitchen as her most favorite room in the house too!

“It’s not white, it doesn’t have a farmhouse sink or subway tiles…but we all GATHER there.  I always loved home decor. My mom will take so much pride decorating our home while I was a child. I think I got it from her. We will always change decor seasonally.”


What a sweet momma, she even comes to help Carla with the ironing (her least favorite chore).  We all would love that!  She tells me a funny store about ironing –  “My husband asked me to iron his shirt while we were dating and I replied: I don’t iron, I go “Abercrombie style” – (when Abercrombie back in he day was wrinkled and it was IN).”  We all loved Abercrombie too girl!

And speaking of stores, I had to know what 3 she can’t live without.  Target, Homegoods and Home Depot she tells me.  I whole heartedly agree girl!

She has grown her instagram account tremendously.  I wanted to know her advice to other accounts as well as feeds that have inspired her.

Her advice? “To be yourself. Don’t try to be like anyone else. People will love you for who you are. We all have an audience. Post the pictures that you are passionate about. Not the ones who you think will get likes. I always tell my daughter’s: Be YOUr own kind of beautiful.”

“There are so many accounts I adore for so many different reasons. Patrice (view here) from @sassafrashome is someone who has encouraged me since my beginnings in IG. She is filled with kind generous words for everyone. She is a believer and an amazing maker.  Other accounts who have inspired me are Katie @jarsofclay (here) , Jen @downshilohroad (here)  Kelly @thettateredpew (here) Daisy @daisyhomedesign (here) Lisa @homesweetcozyhome (here) Ashlee @thesassybarn (here).  Each of these home decor instagram accounts are sure to get your creative juices flowin.



And can I say how much I love her backyard?!?  Swooning!!  I just love everything about it.  Outside decor goals right here.

Before I let Carla go, I needed to know two more little details about her.  What she does to relax and what’s her sweet tooth craving!

“I never relax! They call me the energizer bunny around here! But if I do have time to relax I love to read a book at the beach, by the pool or simply watch a family movie all together on top of each other on the couch!  And Alfajores, it’s a Peruvian soft shortbread cookie sandwich filled with dulce de leche and it melts in your mouth! I make it for every birthday party and holidays and it’s always a hit!”  (Us HomeGirls all want to try these!!)


So grateful to get to know this homegirl better, thanks Carla for your amazing energy, we look forward to all your beautiful decor creations in the future!

Until next the next HomeGirls House,



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