Living Room Update with Hunter Fan Company

Sponsored by Hunter Fan Company

We love this living room area, but since the back of our home faces the west, we get really hot sunshine in the afternoon and this space heats up quickly. Even with the air conditioning on high – the summer is still hot in here. It makes it tricky to host guests as well. We decided we needed a fan that was simple, matched our home style, and extremely powerful.

We had used the Warrant Industrial Sized Hunter fan in another area of the house and we have loved it (read can read that post here). I wrote to Hunter Fan Company and asked what their recommendation would be for the best for this space – a 16 foot tall ceiling and angles to deal with. They were so helpful and agreed the Warrant 70 inch was the fan for us because of it’s strategic design. It’s industrial sized with two different metallic finishes (Noble Bronze & Brushed Nickel) metal and multiple blade color options as their fan blades are also reversible! 

Hunter Ceiling Fan Installation Warrant 70 in Silver

Since we did not have an existing fan in this space, so Mr. Farmboy had to climb into the rafters to make a space that we could wire up the fan. I was the helper for sure! It took us some time and a really big ladder, but we got the wiring worked out after an hour or two.

Hunter Ceiling Fan installation with Warrant 70 in Brushed Nickel

This fan is super powerful, and I love the reversable blade option. Additionally it comes in 60 inch or 70 inch, as well as Noble Bronze or Brushed Nickel base. We went with the Warrant 70 inch in Noble Bronze with oak blades.

We have an attic space where he was able to climb up in and manuever through the rafters. If you do this, make sure to wear a mask – it can be hard to breath up there. He located where we wanted the fan (we measured between the 4 canned lights in the ceiling and opted for the middle). He drilled a hole and pulled the electrical wire to attach to the base.

The directions that come with the fan were easy to follow, take your time to understand the process of assembly and installation. He installed the base first, then assembled the blades separately before adding them to the base. You will be able to pick between the Drifted Oak or Bleached Oak blades, making sure that the color you choose is facing down.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Installation Warrant 70 in Silver

The outlet is a simple installation – just not for me. Hubby knew exactly what to do and got it done pretty quickly. Now this controls the light and fan speed right from the wall!

Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Switch for Warrant 70 Industrial Fan

After this was complete the fan was up and ready to go – yahoo! We seriously love how quiet and powerful it is. Keeps the entire room cooled down. We loved working with Hunter Fan Company for this project!

Hunter Ceiling Fan in Living Room Warrant 70 inch in Brushed Nickel