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Ready to see all my DIY projects from 2017? Here is my full list with some of my favorite projects so far (hint: shiplap and plumbers pipe😍). I hope you find some that help you as you beautify your home. Pin them for later if you need!

Mini Curtain Rods

Clean Old Wood

Use a Kreg Jig

Farmhouse Light Fixture

Home Depots Cutting Center ShiplapPlumbers Pipe Towel Rack

Spray Chalk Paint Cleaning Plumbers PipePallet FencesAging WoodCountry Chic PaintPlumbers Pipe ShelfPlumbers Pipe TP HolderWall ArtStool ReupholsteryMiss Mustard Seeds Milk PaintWood Wall

Which one is your favorite? Let me know!



“No Drill Needed” Wall Vase

Ever want to hang a wall vase but didn’t want to add holes into your wall?  I am collaborating with Old Barn Milk Paint to bring you a super easy DIY that requires NO DRILLING – yah!  This one is so easy, and then you add the One Step Stain by Old Barn Milk Paint and you are done in NO TIME!

This is not an affiliate link but I did receive some product for this post, and I love it! I do however use Amazon Affiliate links for my blog posts to make it easier for you to purchase the products I use. Hope that helps!


Check out this 60 second video tutorial on how to make the wall vase, and then follow along or pin for later!

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Fall Decorating Blog Tour


This post contains sponsored products that I wanted to share with my readers.  These do not include affiliate links.  But I have attached where to purchase these products if you are interested.  Similar products for fall decorating can be found on my affiliate link through Amazon here.  I will add a list of all my references at this end of this post. 


Fall is such a beautiful time of year, and an exciting time to refresh your home. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to add fall touches to your spaces!  Join me on this amazing Fall Blog Tour and get inspired! A huge thank you to Brendt from She Gave It A Go for hosting. If you are joining me from Amanda’s Blog Midcountry Journal – welcome! Be sure to head over to Merichelle’s Blog We’re the Joneses next on the tour.



Often when you are left with a blank space, you don’t know where to start. It’s overwhelming. Let me give you a few ideas to get started. You do not need to go buy new things. Start with what you have!  This is my empty dining room table, and then you see it’s set for daily use.  Let’s remove what I have and get some fall ideas going.  And isn’t this Mora Ivory Rug from Well Woven Rugs darling?! You can snag it here.


Step One – Your Base

I decided to use a tablecloth since I use them very rarely, it makes the occasion feel more special.  This one came from my darling 91 year old granny and I love it.  You can find inexpensive ones at Walmart, Ross or TJ Maxx.


Step Two – Place Settings

I love to use wood chargers because they are so versatile, I can change mine up for every holiday.  If you would like to see more ways to make wood charges you can read my posts here.  This year I added a stamped “B” to mine and love the way it turned out.  I used Iron Orchid Designs Typesetting Stamps that you can find here.  They are great quality and easy to use – I love all the products from this company (especially their transfers!!).

Then I layer what I have for the setting.  Generally I use a roped charger (I link these in my Amazon store here) because they seem to match everything.  I add my wood charger, a napkin, then decor.

There are some many ways to spice up a place setting, use your creativity!  I loved the custom made name tags (since handwriting is not one of my gifts) from Caroline at PaperCase Studio found here.  She is beyond talented!



Step Three – Centerpiece

This usually feels like the most overwhelming part.  Just mess around with your space and see what feels good to you.  I will walk you through how I created mine for this season.

First – I love table runners.  I have some linked in my Amazon store for you here.  Add one straight down the middle.

Second – Add a base.  I made a wood base from a some of old wood that I cleaned (watch how here) and then stained with Rusted Weather Wash Stain (you can find that here).  I then added a varnish and put some 1×3 bases underneath to make it taller.



Third – Add the middle.  I started decorating the middle first, then moved outward.  I like to work in three’s with large pieces.  I made this bucket of greenery with different fall foliage from Joann’s.  Red leaves, sticks, berries, and ferns.  I separated them away from the main vine, then mixed as I wanted.




I added these bundles to a foam ball and inserted it into the vase.  I also added these to mason jars on my wall.



For an additional look you can add some to your place settings.




Fourth – Add outside pieces.  I love the look of dried wheat and I found these amazing pieces from Floral Treasure that you can see here.  Debbie Garza is the designer and grows the flowers she uses, dries them and creates her masterpieces.  I have numerous pieces in my home from her and LOVE THEM.  Plus, her prices are just as inexpensive as craft stores, but you are getting custom grown and custom made!




Fifth – Fill in the gaps.  I grabbed some pumpkins I found on clearance last year that I saved, and added nuts left in the shell, scattering them around.  Added a sign I had and that was it.  It was a simple look for me and still very earthy.




I hope you learned something new as you prepare your home for the fall season.  It’s such a wonderful family time!  Enjoy the rest of the tour my friends!






  • Rug – Mora Ivory Rug from Well Woven Rugs HERE
  • Stamps – Typesetting from Iron Orchid Designs HERE
  • Name Tags – Custom from PaperCase Studio HERE
  • Stain – Rusted from Weather Wash HERE
  • Wheat Stack – Made from Floral Treasure HERE
  • Amazon – grab some of my favorite FALL products HERE


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DIY Cake Plate

Ready to make a super easy cake plate for the holidays? Or even just for a fun display decoration? They are so simple and inexpensive – check out my 60 second video tutorial and then pin it for later when your ready to make yours!

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Do It Yourself

Easy Stamped Wood Chargers

I love using my wood chargers on my table settings, especially during the fall holidays.  They are so versatile, easy to use and easy to make.  I first learned about wood chargers from The Shanty Sisters – these gals are my mentors in so many ways (and they don’t even know it!).  Here is a link to their blog post on where I learned how to make them:

Shanty2Chic Wood Chargers

At the time I made these, a Kreg was way out of my wheel house (I was too nervous to use it!).  So I glued my strips together with wood glue and clamped until dry.  If you want to use a Kreg Jig, see my post below for instructions – I love mine now once I tried it!  Additionally, I have a link for more chargers and used stencils to decoration them below.

The Kreg Jig – You Can Do It!

Do It Yourself Stenciled Chargers

You can watch my 60 second video tutorial here and then follow all for all the details!

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Do it Yourself Laminate Wood Wall

I love wood walls and really wanted one in my guest bathroom. But with so many boys running in and out of my house – I worried about cleaning it (if you know what I mean!😉). So I decided I would try laminate flooring for easy wipe down. Now after a year of use, I am ready to share that it works! Please excuse my dark photos – I wasn’t thinking “blog post” when I did this DIY, but I have so many ask about it so I thought I had better share!

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is “a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring simulates wood with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer.” Wiki link here

Laminate is easy to clean and has a smooth finish. If liquid is allowed to sit on it for long periods of time it can warp, just like any wood wall. But some laminates even come water resistant if you are especially worried.

Here is my 60 second video to watch the full process – you can pin this post for later as well!

Before and After:

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Do It Yourself Bracket Shelf

Recently I wanted to create a super easy shelf with inexpensive materials – wood and brackets. Let’s see what I came up with!

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