Workout Room Makeover

Workout Room Makeover

Sponsored by HGTV HOmE® by Sherwin-Williams

This “little boys room turned momma workout room” is coming along! If you follow me on Instagram at CITYGIRLMEETSFARMBOY you have seen the process of getting rid of all my sons decor (including huge bunk beds), ordering the workout equipment that was right for our family, and figuring out what to do with the bare walls.

I am so excited to be partnering with HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams to show you how easy it is to give a room a facelift, all by yourself. I traveled to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina to meet the HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams team and to get up close and personal with their 2020 Simply Blissful Collection. I toured the HGTV® Dream Home 2020 and this really bought the color pallet to life for me.

I fell in love with the Blue Endeavour (HGSW1451) in the pantry they showcased and decided that is exactly what I wanted in my workout room. It’s a deep color that is calming but also masculine.

I headed to Lowes to pick up the paint. The entire collection from HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams was displayed beautifully and the paint department was super helpful. I grabbed a gallon of Infinity Blue Endeavour (HGSW1451) and a quart of Infinity Finian Blue (HGSW2384).

I also picked up the Purdy 6-Piece Premium Paint Kit. It is a great deal and had all the pieces I needed for the large wall. I also grabbed a mini roller for the boards I was adding to the wall.

Time to get started! I wanted to create a Modern Board and Batten Wall that I had seen on the Plank and Pillow Blog here. The tutorial the Henry and Brooke wrote is so easy to follow and super helpful. I got some other inspiration from the Angela Rose Home Blog and her accent wall here. I sent her some messages and she walked me through the design process which helped me a ton. Between these two posts you can see how easy it is to install this wall on your own.

I filled in the nail holes, let dry, and then sanded down before I started to paint.

Once the wall was all complete I was ready to paint. This stuff is awesome because it is paint and primer in one, and only requires one coat. You can be generous with the paint as you roll it in the Purdy rollers.

This Blue Endeavour (HGSW1451) color really turned out beautifully. Once it dried completely I was so smitten by how subtle the color was, but how it added such a beautiful statement. I added some custom signs that I had made from The Handmade Sign Company that had encouraging work out quotes.

I then used Finian Blue (HGSW2384) to create beautiful baskets for the towels. I love how any color in this collection can compliment the other so well. These two blues together really kept the flow of the room and added a calming feeling to the room.

I then finished decorating the room and absolutely loved the final product! This place is now a spacious work out room that has such beautiful colors in it.

This Blue Endeavor (HGSW1451) modern board and batten wall created the best standout statement for this room. I could not be happier with the color scheme and the supplimental Finian Blue (HGSW2384) color adds such a wonderful serene accent to the space.

Thank you for following along with me on this fun work out room update! I loved partnering with HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams for this project and know you will love this paint line found at Lowe’s!

You can see all the colors of The Simply Blissful Color Collection here:
Blue Endeavour (HGSW1451)
Vanillin (HGSW4038)
Gristmill Greige (HGSW2485)
Mint to Be (HGSW2327)
Restful (HGSW2285)
Island Time (HGSW2312)
Coral Reef HGSW1074)
Romance (HGSW2067) – 2020 Color of the Year
Finian Blue (HGSW2384)
Fundamental White (HGSW4001)

8 thoughts on “Workout Room Makeover

  1. Love you board and batten wall! One question though….did you have to caulk the lines between the thin boards and the wall before painting?

    1. So glad you are here! So originally I was going from but I was able to get the boards pretty flush with the wall and since I painted it a dark blue it was really hidden. So I didn’t end up caulking. Which saved so much time!

      1. Thanks for responding….that it what had been keeping me from tackling the project, so good to know. 🙂

  2. Hi! It’s so beautiful! I love that blue. Question, what is the wall color you have with the blue?
    Thank you!

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