Simple Way to Hang a Gallery Wall

Sponsored by Plott 

Hanging a gallery wall can be a daunting task when thinking of getting your measurements right. So what if I told you there was a device that did it for you? Well…you guessed it!! I recently discovered The Cubit Measurement Tool and Plott App. These two things work together through modern technology to measure for you, then tell you exactly where you need to make your nail hole. Amazing right?

This wall was large and boring. I added some wallpaper and lights for some depth. I knew my end goal was a gallery wall of black and white photos (I grabbed these from Frame It Easy here) . I used The Cubit Measurement Tool and Plott App to figure out these measurements and it gave me so much confidence.

Step One

Purchase The Cubit and download The Plott App. You will use these for many projects to come.

They have amazing short videos to watch here that will help you understand the basics of this tool set. Watching these really helped me get a grasp of how to use them.

Step Two

You will charge your Cubit and have it handy when opening The Plott App because they need to sync. Now you are ready to start your measurements. The app will also walk you through the steps as you go. You will open the app up and sync your device, then start the project! It will ask you to name the room you are starting got the project.

Step Three

Measure you frame. You will have the opportunity to add more frames if you have different sizes. Otherwise you can duplicate the first measurement like I did – 9 times since I had 9 frames that were exactly the same size.

Your phone becomes the measurement tool for this part. Center the square as directed, then start measuring your frame. Once again, you will be prompted for each step as you go.

When you are happy with this measurements you will measure the back. It took me a few tries to get it exactly right. But I quickly figured out the way to get this part done.

The back side is important because you are telling the app where you want to hang your frame. If you have a wire, pull it up where you will put the nail and make a mark. This will help you mark it when seeing it through your phone.

Once saved this will become an object that you will label and use later.

Step Four

Measure your wall. I made the mistake of not listening to directions and started from the top. And as you can guess, it came out wrong. So I read the directions better and figured out what I was doing wrong.

You start measuring the wall from the bottom left corner, then drag your phone to the right corner and up to the top. I recommend giving yourself plenty of backup space and distance. I was too closet the first time around.

The wall will be saved and you are ready for the next step!

Step Five

You will add the frames to the wall and move them around to fit your space. You can aline them so the are equally spaced if you need. I fiddled with this part for awhile. Finally you will number the frames in the order you will hang them.

Step Six

It’s time to mark the wall! The Cubit will sync to your Plott App and will tell you where to mark your nail holes according to your numbered frames. This thing is brilliant! Make sure it’s turned so the red lights will hit the side wall and the ground or ceiling. This needs to match the same lines on the app (tap the screen to change these).

Roll the Cubit along the area where you want to hang the first one. The arrow and measurements on the screen will tell you where to move the Cubit. Once you are at the right spot it will beep and say PLOTT. Head to the lit arrow on the Cubit and mark you spot for the nail. Do this now for each frame. I added sticky notes for mine.

Step Six

Then you add your nails and hang your frames.  Look at that!! It was so nice to not re-drill so many holes and ruin my wallpaper. The Cubit and Plott made this project a one time hang up job, verses tons of mistakes.

You can grab The Cubit right here, enjoy this new tool!


Thanksgiving Time with Tree Classics

Sponsored by Tree Classics

Halloween is over and that means Christmas decorations are going up in our house! We aren’t hosting Thanksgiving this year so I don’t feel one bit bad about getting Christmas done early. But if you are hosting and need some ideas on how to decorate – you are in luck just the same!

This week I am joining 5 other bloggers to showcase holiday decor for the Thanksgiving season. It’s ok to mix Christmas decorations with Thanksgiving Time! Pinecones and pine trees go great with both! Here is a list of each days post from these amazing bloggers so you won’t miss one:

Monday: Krissy from Bold Boundless Blonde Blog

Tuesday: Kelly (me!) from City Girl meets Farm Boy Blog

Wednesday: Mary from Selah Pines Farmhouse Blog

Thursday: Lori from My Lovely Texas Home YouTube & Katie from Baker Nest Blog

Friday: Jennifer from Jennifer Lutz at Home Blog

I am so excited to be partnering with Tree Classics for this post. Their products are beautiful and have a great price point. Here is what I used from their website found here:

Kennedy Fir Slim Tree

I needed a slim tree with a pull apart frame and bright lights. This beauty was perfect.

I added some ribbon and sprays I had left over from last year to get me going.

Silver and Gold Ornament Collection

I snagged this set because it came in a 50 pack of assorted styles which I loved. They shipped them in a storage box that I can use over and over. They were just stunning!

Festive Holiday Picks

I wanted alot of texture to my tree so I picked up a set of Snowy Berry Holiday Picks. They are really sturdy and bendable. They looked great with the tree.

Shimmering Snow Tree Skirt

For the final touch I needed a tree skirt to match. The Shimmering Snow skirt went perfect with the mix of gold and silver ornaments. Plus it’s so soft! I loved it.

It only took about about an hour to get this baby up and looking complete. Tree Classics products come so easy to use and I know this will be a beautiful tree for the entire season, as well as many years to come!