Do It Yourself – Halloween Pallet Fences

Yay for Halloween!!  It’s one of my favorite seasons of decorating.  My kiddos love creepy decor, so years ago I set out to find an inexpensive way to take our yard decor up a notch.  Having old pallets laying around (yes I collect these!) got my wheels turning.  I created a Halloween Pallet Fence and I fell in love!  I ended up making so making (and my Halloween Pallet Skeleton Swings) that I had to sell some to make room in my storage area (poor Mr. Farmboy doesn’t have any more space to store them!).


Our 60 second video tutorial will help you get a quick view of this super easy DIY.  Then follow the steps to create your own!

Here’s what you need to know!


  • Old pallet wood or 1×4 inch weathered wood (see how to distress your wood here)
    • 2 pieces at 3-4 feet long (bases)
    • 6 pieces at 2-2 1/2 feet long (fence posts)


  • Rebar – 1/2 inch by 2 feet
    • 2 pieces


  • Black screws
    • 32 pieces


  • Mallet or Hammer
  • Hand Drill 2db5bdc8-26bc-464a-9263-8a7462edd72c_400_compressed
  • Circular Saw


Note:  A link to purchase all materials and tools for this project can be found here. We add affiliate links for our readers to purchase the items they need easily.  We receive compensation for any purchases made from our links, but this compensation in no way changes our recommendations.  We only recommend what we use ourselves. 

Step One: Sanitize your wood

If you are going to put it inside you definitely need to wash your wood to protect your home from mold and bugs.  Additionally,  if you are using it outside but storing it inside, you will need to sanitize it.

I have written an entire post on cleaning and sanitizing old wood that you can read here. You are welcome (wink! wink!).

Step Two: Cut your wood

You will need to use your Circular Saw for this.  Make sure you where glasses to protect your eyes.

Cut two pieces (bases) of your old pallet or 1×4 weathered wood to equal lengths – roughly 3-4 feet (depending on long you want your fence to be).  Set aside.


Next you will cut 6 pieces (fence posts) of your wood 2-2 1/2 feet long (depending on how tall you want your fence).  I make some shorter or taller for an old look.


Finally, you will angle one end of each of the six smaller pieces.  Try to make sure they aren’t perfect, the messier the better.  They will look like an arrow when you are done.


Step Three: Assembly

You will lay your bottom base piece onto the ground and then lay the upper base piece parallel to it about 1 1/2 feet apart (or the distance that you like – but it can be no longer that your shortest fence post).

Now you will place your fence posts.  Make some straight and some crooked, but take care that non of the bottoms of the wood are past the bottom base or it will not stand up properly.

Drill 2 screws into each post and bottom base connection and top base connection – each post will have four screws in it.


Step Four: Making the Stand

If your are leaning your fence up against a wall and do not need it to stand freely – you are done!  I have one for my fireplace (show) that just leans.  But if you would like to put them in your yard – read on!

You will turn your fence over and place your 2 pieces of PVC pipe onto the second and fifth fence post.  Then you will push the conduit straps over the PVC pipe and on to the top and bottom bases and drill them in!


Step Five: Yard Install

You will grab a mallet if you have one (hammer is fine too) and hammer 2 pieces of rebar into the grass about 10 inches deep.  You will need to measure the distance between your PVC pipe on your fence to know the distance to install your rebar pieces. Once those pieces are in you will just slide your fence onto them – so snug!  It should sit just fine in the wind.  But if it does loosen, just pull off the fence and remover rebar, then install them a few inches away.


Here is some more examples of the fences I have built:




Additionally, I made some signs with the same process – check them out!





We hope this DIY Halloween Pallet Fence helps you in your holiday decorating!  Let us know if you have any questions.  Happy Building!



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