DIY Chippy Paint


Chippy Paint is the cutest!  I have always wondered how to make something new look old – which is so ironic, but it’s so cute. I searched the internet of the best ways to do it and settled on this one, super easy and fast.  Watch this 60 second video tutorial and then follow the steps below.  Make sure to pin this image to save in your Pinterest!

Supplies Needed:

  • Stain (any color – I used Minwax Provincial)
  • Paint (any color – I used White Behr Paint and Primer)
  • Vaseline
  • Sand Paper
  • Top Coat
  • Staining Supplies

Step One:  Stain Wood

The project that you are going to paint needs to be stained first so that it will show through.  One simple coat is enough.


Step Two: Add Vaseline

Then you will apply small amounts of Vaseline (I used A+D ointment) to spots all over the board.  I rub some on the corners and parts of the edges as well.  Just remember that wherever you put it, the paint will come off there.

Step Three: Add Paint

I love the white look, but you can use any color.  Just add a one coat.  You do not have to be super specific that it covers completely if you want a weathered look.

I love using this Behr Paint and Primer Stain-Blocking Paint.  It comes off really nicely when sanded.


Step Four: Sand

You will take your sand paper (I used a higher grit so that it was a gentle sanding) and slowly rub where you put the Vaseline.  It will come off pretty easy.  Sand harder for more weathered look.


Step Five: Dust Off and Add Top Coat

If you do not want anymore to wear off then I would apply a top coat.  An oil based for darker colors is fine.  But if you have a white coat of paint you will want to use a water based product so the paint will not turn yellow (I have learned this the hard way).  I prefer Minwax Water Based Polycrylic.  Comes in spray form or can form.


For this project I added a dinner bell to my chippy board and it hangs in my kitchen.  What will you use your board for?

Happy Building!



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