A Simple DIY Life

I love finding designers who influence my ideas and creative thinking. That is why Amanda from the Midcounty Journal Blog is someone I just have to talk about. Her design style and antique decor inspire me.

Her home is a 1920 charmer that she and her husband are working on together. Her blog documents this DIY process and her lifestyle along the way. You can read along with her fun adventures here.

Additionally she teaches her readers food tips, recipes, and lifestyle ideas. Take a tour of her neutral pallet home full of antique goodies and classy style.

Her dining area has so much eye candy! Can you spy all the amazing pieces she has found?

She found this round white table used for $10! I love the scores she finds to compliment her home.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey through one of my favorite bloggers homes as she encourageus all to uplift our homes.

Go follow along with Amanda and her blogging journey, you will love it as much as I do!



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