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Over the next few Fridays, as we head into the holidays, I will be featuring some bloggers that really inspire me and boost my creativity while decorating my home.  I know as you follow along you will find inspiration that helps you to uplift your space and your family!

To kick things off I am sharing one of the very first bloggers I ever met when starting this journey.  I actually won a giveaway hosted by her in the spring of 2017 and I fell in love with her account.  Of course I creeped on her page ever since then and I feel so lucky that we have now become friends along the way.


Chelsey, from littlenestof4 (blog found here), seems to have found her talents in all aspects of homemaking.  From recipes, decorating, stylish outfits to do-it-yourself projects, she can do it all!  Yet she is humble and kind, finding uplift in those around her.  Today I am sharing some of my favorite aspects of her home and her blog for you to enjoy.

I imagine myself coming over to visit and eat up one of her amazing recipes (found here), while we sit on her porch and visit.  Isn’t it dreamy? Simple and modern – it is an invitation to be welcomed into her home.


Once in, I find myself captured by her living room.  I just love how she added these weathered planks as a highlight piece for this area.  I am drooling over these lights as well!


Think of turning the hallway and seeing this – the kitchen.  Each time I see her kitchen on her instagram account here I am dumbfounded by the look of her cooking area and how she was able to create such a stunning space.  I have often wondered how on earth I could build this brick cove for my oven!  But to no avail – it’s just not in cards for me.  But a girl can dream right?


Then I wander into her dining room and already think I am invited for dinner, especially for her crockpot cream cheese chicken chili found here!  Chelsey, I am coming the next time you make it!  Isn’t this space so darling?


Before I go, I take a quick rest in her living room, of course to let my delicious dinner settle.  Her brick finds its way to the fireplace and prepares you for a comfy evening with hot cocoa.


The funnest part about this room is her DIY project to enhance the red brick color that you can find here.  I love what she did to this space!

Once on her blog you will find DIY’s, Lifestyle posts, Home Tours and amazing Recipes.  You will love all the insight she provides, its like a classroom. Make sure to sign up for her emails here.

Thank you for joining me for this homegirls house tour, see you next Friday!



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