One Room Challenge – Farmhouse Shutters

  One Room Challenge – Week Three


Farmhouse Shutters


So, the One Room Challenge Reveal is in TWO DAYS and I haven’t shared my updates!  So I am going to share my farmhouse shutters today, my blinds tomorrow and my reveal on Thursday – here we go!  As always, check out the other amazing ladies here who are participating on the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge with me!

Here’s my 6 week outline:

Project One – Shiplap COST $92.00   Read all about that project here

Project Two – Window Valences COST $45.00   Read all about that project here

Project Three – Custom Shutters COST $15.00

Project Four – Blinds

Project Five – Decorating



Here is my 60 second video tutorial on how to make the farmhouse shutters on your own.  Then follow along for all the extra details below!


Supplies Needed:

  • Six 1×3 24 inch strips
  • Four 1×3 10.25 inch strips
  • Screws
  • Stain
  • Wood Glue


Tools Needed:

  • Circular Saw
  • Sander
  • Cordless Drill
  • Measuring Tape
  • Safety Goggles


Step One – Purchase Your Wood

I grabbed my 1×3 strips from The Home Depot.  They will even cut it for you if you head to the Cutter Center.  If you aren’t sure how to use this service, check out my blog post here that teaches you all about it.

Do your best to get the straightest pieces of wood.  Lay them on the ground or look down the edge of it with your eye to see if it is straight.

Step Two – Cut Your Wood

You will grab your measuring tape and measure six strips of 24 inches and 4 strips of 10.25 inches.  Then grab your safety goggles and cut these strips using your circular saw.




This is what one set will look like:




Step Three – Sand Your Wood

I like to sand before so that the edges look more worn and rustic.  Brush off any saw dust afterwards.




Step Five – Attach Your Wood

Here you will line up 3 of the 24 inch pieces and add some wood glue in between.  Use a clamp to help hold it together while drying.




You can also use pocket holes for this but I chose not too.   Once dry you will add your top pieces on.  REMEMBER that you are drilling from the back so you won’t see the screws.  If you feel like this is too tricky, you can drill the screws 1 millimeter in past the wood and cover it with stainable filler.

Measure 2.5 inches down from the top and bottom of the shutter like this:




Then add clamps to hold it together like this:




You will then screw one screw into each board from the back.  Three screws total for each end.





Repeat all this steps for the next shutter – half way there!

I like to double check the way they look before I stain.





Step Six – Stain Your Wood

This is the fun part.  Add any stain or paint that you want.  I chose to use Varathane Briarsmoke for my project.   Finish off with a polyurethane topcoat for dark stains and a polycrylic for lighter stains.  Let fully dry.



Step Seven – Hang Your Shutters!

I decided to just drill one 2 1/2 screw through the middle and into the stud of the wall.  You can just set them on your fireplace or add hooks to the back too.  Then I added some darling garden hooks I found on Amazon and some lanterns I snagged at TJ Max!  All done!!!




You can make these for such a steal – such an simple DIY.  Message us with any questions!



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  1. Where did you get those cool looking lanterns? By the way love the shutter video…thank you so much

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