Do It Yourself Old Fashioned Milk Paint


Do It Yourself Milk Paint Application

Anyone have darling pieces that just don’t mix with your interior design style, but you do not want to get rid of them?  Lets spice them up with some milk paint!  It is such a multi-use product to change up so many things.

My cute granny gave me these antique pieces that I loved, but they just didn’t mix with my home color.  They were super high gloss GREEN glass canisters.  We needed a serious facelift.



I just love these pieces, what was I to do?  I knew that Milk Paint had some really great qualities and decided to put them to use on this project.  I decided to use Old Fashion Milk Paint Snow White and really loved it.  I have also used Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint in the past and wrote an in-depth review about it here.

Here are some tid-pits on Milk Paint:

  • Non toxic materials
  • No priming or sanding needing
  • Adheres to almost all surfaces
  • Drys quickly
  • Soap and water clean up


So let’s get started!  Watch my 60 second DIY Video Tutorial on how I completed this project and then follow along for all the steps you need to do it yourself.



Supplies Needed:

  • Old Fashion Milk Paint (you can order that here)
  • (optional) Extra-Bond Emulsion (you can order that here)
  • Paint brush (any is fine, but I do not recommend a foam brush)
  • Mixing bowl
  • Measuring cup
  • Plastic spoon to mix
  • Wax or plastic paper for painting on
  • Sealant of your choice


Step 1 – Clean Your Project

Make sure your project is cleaned and dry before starting.


Step 2 – Mix Your Milk Paint

Mix equal parts of warm water and milk paint.  Stir to smooth out lumps (this is one of the frustrating things about milk paint – the lumps!).  You can use a strainer if you can’t get them all out.  Let sit for a 10-15 minutes to thicken and disperse.



Step 3 – Add Extra-Bond

This step is optional.  If you are using the paint on raw wood then you don’t need the extra bond. Since I was using it on a high gloss surface I wanted to make sure it stuck.  Add according to the directions on the label.



Step 4 – Paint First Coat

The mixture is more watery than normal paint or chalk paint, so be careful to not drip it on the floor.  If you do it cleans up with just soap and water.  Your first coat will be super uneven.  But do not worry, additional coats will cover it all nicely.  Stir paint every 10 minutes and add more water if it becomes too thick.  Let dry for an hour.



Step 5 – Paint Second Coat

Add your second coat with the same steps above.  If you like the look you do not need another coat.  If you want a stronger coverage – go ahead a wait an hour, then paint again.



I added another coat and this is what it looked like:



Step 6 – Sealing Your Paint

You are not required to add sealant.  But if your project is susceptible to getting dirty you will not be able to wipe it down with water without a sealant on it.  I have used water based Minwax Polycrylic or Rust-oleum Ultra Cover Matte in the past – they both work great.


But for this project I chose to use Miss Mustard Seeds Antiquing Wax for an aged look.  This wax seals the project as well.

Antiquing Wax


You gently rub on with an antiquing brush (you can use any soft bristle brush if you want) and then rub off as desired.



Here is what my final piece looked like:




I added some flowers and let it be – I just love it!



We hope you get a chance to repurpose something you love trying Milk Paint – we know you will love it.  Happy Creating!




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