Do It Yourself Peel -n- Stick Wood Wall


Years ago I tried a peel and stick wood wall project and it turned out horribly wrong.  So I mentally decided those would not ever work.  Recently I had seen the company promoting REAL wood that was peel and stick application.  I was hesitant because of my first experience, but it looked so good in their photos!  So finally I decided to try my hand at peel and stick wood again – and I am SO GLAD I did!

Here is the before and after:

If you are looking for a simple way to add a custom look to your wall but do not want to use a nail gun – this is your answer.  Check out my DIY Video Tutorial and then follow along and I explain all the details and where to grab this amazing stuff!  Remember – ladies you can do it!

Supplies Needed:


Tools Needed:

  • Miter Saw – Hand saw or Electric saw
  • Level
  • Protective Glasses (for cutting wood)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil (for marking)
  • Ruler
  • Chalk line
  • Utility Knife

This is not an affiliate link and I do not get paid for your purchase.  I did receive free product for my honest review of this Do It Yourself Tutorial. 

Note: I do want to make a special comment for instructions.  Timberchic has an amazing website for installation here.  I would review it to its fullest and if this is your first time installing something like this it is really helpful.  They are very specific on measurements, how to figure out how much you need, and why a chalk line and utility knife are needed.  For my wall I chose not to use the chalk line or the utility knife and apply it in different steps, but essentially it is the same process.

Additionally, I love the history of this wood.  The pieces are reclaimed from the bottom of a lake in New England and then cut into 1/8th inch wood strips.  They use no industrial reclaimed products because of potential toxins.  So awesome (clap! clap!).  Now, let’s get started!

Step One – Clean Your Wall

You will need to take off all materials as well as any nails or screws.  It is not necessary to fill the holes but is necessary to wipe down any dirt and grime off of the walls.



Step Two – Application

You will need to be creative on your color choices of the wood pieces as you lay them out.  Be careful not to have too much of one color next to each other.  They have 7 colors to choose from – I used COASTAL WHITE.  It has different shades of white, gray and tan in it.


NOTE: This is permanent tape.  You may be able to pull if off quickly if you get it wrong within a few seconds (I had to) but once its pressed on – IT’S ON.  Taking it off will ruin the wood strip and the wall. 

Use your level to make sure the first piece is straight BEFORE you peel off the tape.  Not all ceiling corners or level so do not follow that line.  Use a pencil if needed to mark you spot.


This is what the back with the 3M strips look like:



Some of the wood will have natural holes in them.  They supply black dots to use so that they look filled.  You will first place your wood on the wall with the tape ON.  Make a mark for where the hole is.  Remove the wood and place the black dot on, then remove then tape and apply the wood.


Step Three – Rolling It On

Timberchic sells an amazing J-Roller designed to apply 20-25 psi (pounds per square inch) to the wood.  This is heavy (but not hard to use) and help the glue mount to the wall.  It was a great tool.  Just roll it over each piece right after you apply it to the wall.


Step Four – Cutting Wood

When you reach the end of your line you will need to cute your wood.  It is so thin that it makes it super easy.  You can use a hand saw, but I chose to use an electric Miter Saw.  I am not good with hand saw (it doesn’t end well, for me or the wood!).  Measure out your piece, use your ruler and pencil to mark it, then cut!  Wear your safety glasses to protect your cute eyeballs.

If you need to measure around electrical outlets you can use your utility knife – just be careful!

Step Five – Feel Proud!

You did it!  Step back and feel accomplished at your DIY project.

IMG_3519Let us know how yours turns out!







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  1. This looks absolutely amazing!!! I was thinking of doing something like this for my son’s room in the new house so we’ll have to check it out!!!!

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