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I am always on the hunt for any possible solution to refinish furniture without sanding – anybody with me?!  I launched into Google to see what new ideas came to my mind, and I came across Country Chic Paint and fell in love.  Lets face it – I was sold just on their name.  But as I read their blog I was smitten by their drive for environmental safe & VOC free paints – with their lab results to prove it!

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) are gases that are released into the air from ordinary products such as paint, cleaning products, furniture, flooring, and cosmetics.  They can produce short term health effects, with additional long term affect research still taking place.

Plane and simple?  I don’t want my headboard contaminated with anything funky.  So, needless to say, I couldn’t wait for my shipment to arrive.

Here is my 60 second video tutorial on my headboard project using Country Chic Paint.  Then stick around and check out all the details behind this amazing stuff!


A few more reasons why I wanted to try out Country Chic Paint:

  • Their color selection is amazing
  • They have super impressive video tutorials (I am a visual learner!)
  • The online reviews were fabulous
  • They say that you do not need much sanding, if any at all!

I waiting patiently for my shipment to arrive.  It was like Christmas for momma when it came – thank you note included!  I received Lazy Linen Paint, Clear Coat, paint sticks, and 1.5″ synthetic oval paint brush (which I fell in love with too!).

Each project you work on can have different materials needed, depending on what you are trying to accomplish.  I wanted my headboard transformed into a solid color, so here is what I needed:

  • Primer (they sell a great primer, but since I already had KILZ I decided to use what I had)
  • Paint
  • Top Coat
  • Synthetic Brush
  • Rag to clean with (I use my Norwex mitten)
  • Paint stick for mixing



Here we go!

Step One: Clean Your Project

I love my Norwex mitten for cleaning my projects and removing dirt and grime.



Step Two:  Prime Your Project

You only need to use primer if your wood has been painted or stained and you want the paint to stick super well.  If your wood is raw or lightly treated you should be just fine without the primer.  Additionally, you would use primer when you are trying to cover up darker colors and use a light color on top.  You may also lightly sand if you prefer to not use primer, just so that the paint will stick better to the surface.  Mix well before starting.


Using your brush, gently add primer to cover you entire project.  One good coat will do.


Let dry according to directions.


Step Three:  Paint Your Project

I chose the light colored gray paint called Lazy Linen – I LOVE IT!  You can shake it up and then give it a good stir to make sure it is mixed up well.  I love the screw on lid too – it made me happy.


Start with one coat over your project and let fully dry.


I tried the Country Chic 1.5″ synthetic oval paint brush and just fell in love.  It’s super sturdy and easy to handle.


They made this brush specifically for their brand of paint and recommend it over other brushes because it leaves less lines while painting.  I compared it to the cheaper brushes I have used before and there was as HUGE difference.


Step Four:  Clean Your Brush

They sell brush soap so you can clean your brush and condition its fibers.  The bottle will last me for some time.



Step Five: Repeat steps three and four until desired color

I only needed two coats for my honey oak headboard to look brand new!

After it was dry I had Mr. Farmboy help me set it up in our room – I was so happy!  It brightened the room and was such an easy project.



All Done!  We hope you get a chance to try this amazing line of paints, and let us know what you create!



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