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I remember when chalk paint started to become a “thing” many years ago, and I just wasn’t buying it.  Was there really a paint that you could use on top of almost anything without sanding or using a primer? I didn’t think it was possible.  Finally I decided to try it on an old table that I was not wanting to refinish and it worked!  I was sold!  Since then I have used chalk paint for many DIY’s and it is awesome.  And now they even have SPRAY CHALK PAINT!!!  So today I am giving a tutorial on where to buy it and how to use it (so easy).

As usual, I am including first a 60 second video tutorial to show the main steps of the process.  Then follow along for lots of resources and details for your latest DIY with Spray Chalk Paint!

Supplies needed:

  • Your choice of spray chalk paint (more details below)
    • I used Rust-Oleum Chiffon Cream Ultra Matte for color
    • and Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover Matte Clear for my top coat
  • Your project
  • Cleaning supplies and rag
  • Painters tape (optional)
  • Spray area (I use cardboard outside)


Quick Reference:

Step 1 – Pick your paint

Step 2 – Clean surface thoroughly

Step 3 – Tape any area you do not want painted

Step 4 – Spray first coat outside and let dry

Step 5 – Spray second coat and let dry

Step 6 – Spray on a finish coat of polyurethane

Step 7 – Remove tape

Step 8 – Let cure and your done!

My ceramic project before and after:

My wood project before and after:


Step 1: Picking your spray chalk paint

Where do we begin? Chalk Paint was created 25 years ago by Annie Sloan as she developed a way to paint any surface without priming and prepping.  Now there are so many brands and colors available and at every price point.   Its hard to believe that you can paint wood, metal, plastic or ceramic without sanding and primer – but it’s true!

A few years ago Spray Chalk Paint was created, which makes the process even more simpler. Its perfect for hard to reach places and smaller projects.  So where do you go to get it?  Since The Home Depot is close and my favorite store – this is my choice.  The paint department is so helpful.  They carry Rust-Oleum Chalked Spray Paint in a chunk of darling colors. For my project I chose Chiffon Cream Ultra Matte and 2X Ultra Cover Matte Clear. You can order it here with my affiliate link.


Joann Fabric, Michaels, and Amazon are other great resources for you.

Bri from AverageButInspired blog has some great resources and will send you A Beginner’s Guide to Chalky-Finish Painting if you sign up for her newsletter here!

Cyndy from TheCreativityExchange blog has some really great resources on spray chalk paint here as well.

Step 2: Clean your project thoroughly and let it dry

It is very important to remove any dust and grime.  And it must be completely dry before you start.  Use a rag with soap and water.


Step 3: Taping 

You will want to tape any area you do not want painted.  Just use painters tape and take your time.  This is a little time consuming but it is worth it.  I was using a plant for my project so I added a plastic bag over the top and taped it down to protect the leaves.


Step 4: First Coat

Take your project outside.  I use a flattened cardboard box to spray on.  You can also use a plastic tablecloth from Dollar Days but the project will sometimes stick to this.  And if the wind picks up at all you will have movement in the tablecloth.  Let completely dry according to the directions.  Mine needed to dry for 1 hour before the next coat.

Hold your can away from your project approximately 10 to 12 inches.  Read your brands directions for specific distances.  If your too close it will spray extra heavy and will create drip marks.  AVOID THIS.  Your project will not look even.  It is better to spray farther away and add more coats later than to spray too close and get too much paint in one area.  I learned this the hard way.


Step 5: Second Coat

Depending on your project, it will differ on how many coats you need.  You may get away wth one.  If so, head to step 6.  If you aren’t satisfied by the finish then add another coat. You can see in my above photo that I for sure needed another coat.  Some projects might need 3 coats.  IMG_8171

Step 6:  Finish Coat

Because chalk paint has Calcium Carbonate Powder in it, it will chip off after it has dried.  This is why a top coat is necessary.  Many use a soft wax which you can read all about here.

But I started using polyurethane top coats because I wasn’t very good with the wax application.   I love Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover Matte Clear Spray.  It works great.   I usually wait 24 hours to apply this top coat.

Note:  If you are using a brush-on polyurethane over lighter colors you MUST use a water based product or your project will have a yellow tint once it dries.  I always use Varathane No Odor Polyurethane for my brush on DIY projects – found at The Home Depot.  We use affiliate links for products that we use ourselves and recommend to our readers. 

Step 7: Remove Tape

This is my favorite part!  It is for some random reason therapeutic for me.  Maybe because it says “your almost done Kelly!”.  So watch out – you might just love it.

Wait for the entire project to be dry.  Then carefully peel off the painters tape.

Step 8:  Curing

You must allow your project to “cure” before you use it.  This is when your drying and hardening process has combined.  This gives you maximum strength and protection from scratches and chipping.  I love Denise and her blog SalvagedInspirations.  She has so much information on this process of “drying” verse “curing”.  Check it out here.

For more super awesome (and geeky) info on curing check out here.

If your project is just a decoration that nothing touches then go ahead and place it where you want it to be.  It will cure in place. But often you have to wait up to 30 days for the 100% curing process to take place.  Then you can be confident to put items on top of your project.  I know – UGH!  But you have already put a lot of work into the DIY – patience it better than having to redo scratches.

Here was my finished projects:

First my ceramic piece –


And second my wood piece –


I love them!  I am so excited to use more Chalk Spray Paint in the future!  Let me know how your DIY Spray Chalk Paint project goes.  Good Luck!



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