Do It Yourself – Mini Curtain Rods

Do It Yourself Mini Curtain Rods


Do It Yourself Mini Curtain Rods!  You will love these quick and easy rods that add a fun element to your room.  Come follow along!  I have attached a DIY Video below for further help.

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I have been wanting mini curtain rods for some time in this area.  I love my shutters that Mr. Farmboy installed from SelectBlinds – we have used them in our last 3 homes and absolutely love the product, the price point and the lifetime warranty.  Literally the best blinds out there for the cost, click right here to see the latest sale they are having.  (Note: We are not sponsored by Select Blinds and all our opinions are of our own.) I love them so much so I didn’t want curtains to cover them up, just a small addition to spruce up the room.  As I shopped I realized I could create my own look and spend very little.  I decided to put my ideas to fruition last weekend.  Here’s how I did it:

Step One – Cut Your Rods

Start out with the curtain rods you would like to use.  I had leftover ones in the basement that were perfect.  You can find inexpensive ones on Ross Dress For Less or Walmart.  I chose to use metals rods, but plastic will work too.  I measured the length I needed and used my Dewalt 32 TPI (Teeth Per Inch) saw to make my cuts (Mr. Farmboy had to help me alittle):



This is how they turned out:


Step Two – Gather Your Tools

Then I gathered the materials I would need for mounting.   My Ridgid 18 Volt Drill, drywall anchor and screws, stud finder, and mounting gear.  I always save leftover pieces that I do not use from other curtain rod projects, so these didn’t match the rods perfectly, but I knew they were be covered up so it didn’t matter.  Finally, I found the perfect curtains – on clearance at Kohls – plus I used my 30% off coupon.  Total for entire project was $10!

Here are my tools:


You can purchase this Zircon Stud Finder, Ridgid 18 Volt Hand Drill, and EZ Ancor Screws at The Home Depot by searching here.

Note: We love getting recommendations from people we trust.  Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have too?  We want to help our readers with resources that we love.  Rest assured that any affiliate link that we post in our blog are companies that we trust and do business with ourselves.  We are compensated for any purchase you make through our links, but will only recommend products that we are confident in.  Compensation in no way will change our view on products.  If there is an item we love, we share it. We hope that you will find these resources helpful in your DIY adventure!

Step Three – Find Your Studs

Ok – now back to it! I used my stud finder to locate where I would like to mount my hooks.  I try my best to mount in the studs.  If not I will use drywall anchors for more support:


The bars will show you when you are close to the stud, and the light will appear when you are exactly over it.  This is my go-to tool for everything I hang.


Step Four – Mount Your Brackets

Next I take apart my curtain rod hooks.  They look confusing at first, but make sense once you play with them.  The first photo is how it will look completed.  The second photo is them taken apart as I prepare to mount them.  You will mount the back bracket first, then reattach the hook bracket.


Mounting the back bracket is simple.  If you are using the studs you will only need your wood screws to attach it into place.  If you are not using studs, I recommend this style of drywall achors – they are my favorite:


Once the back bracket is installed, you will attach the hook bracket and use the screw to tighten it together:


You will then add the hook screw and use it to hold the rod in place, screwing it in to tighten the hold:



Step Five – Add Your Curtains

Now you will add your curtains to your shortened rod, and place it on the hooks.  I like to place the end of each curtain over the brackets so they are hidden:


And there you have your first mini curtain rod!


Finish the other side and you are complete.  PS – aren’t these shutters beautiful!?  Check them out here and see their current sale!


We hope you learned something new – let us know what you think.

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  1. Can you share which shutters you chose from select blinds? I got overwhelmed quickly when I looked at the options on their website!

    1. Carrie I am so glad you asked! I grabbed the Express Faux Wood Shutters. Super good price point and look amazing. We did the outside window mount option. Message me if you have any other questions!

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