DIY Farmhouse LED Light Fixture

IMG_7541I found some darling LED lights at Joann Fabrics on clearance and I just had to have them.  I do that sometimes, when it’s so cute I just can’t stand leaving it on the shelf!  I did that with my rod iron birdcage – my hubby was a little confused when I brought it home because we didn’t even own any birds.  That’s another blog post for another day.

NOTE: If you need a quick review of this tutorial I made a 60 second short film to watch here.

I knew the area I wanted these LED lights at and so my creative juices needed to start flowing to come up with the best way to use them.

IMG_7122 I contemplated a few ways to utilize the light fixtures in the space I needed and ultimately came up with this.  I hope you can use some of these ideas to create your own Farmhouse LED Light Fixture!


  • 2 LED Lanterns – you can shop Joann Fabrics, Michaels, Ross Dress for Less, TJ Max, etc… to look for these.  You can also order them online at Amazon.  The ones I found were at Joann Fabrics on summer clearance for $16 each.  I found some darling ones at The Home Depot, you can find their site here:  Search OUTDOOR LED LANTERNS here. 
  • 2 pieces of Old Barn Wood – of course you can use new wood and make it look old. To do that follow along with Mountain Modern Life here or with DIY network here.
  • 2 Garden Planter Hooks – I found mine at The Home Depot years ago on clearance and held on to them.  You can find their site here:  Search PLANT BRACKET here.

Note: We love getting recommendations from people we trust.  Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have too?  We want to help our readers with resources that we love.  Rest assured that any affiliate link that we post in our blog are companies that we trust and do business with ourselves.  We are (very lightly) compensated for any purchase you make through our links, but will only recommend products that we are confident in.  Compensation in no way will change our view on products.  If there is an item we love, we share it. We hope that you will find these resources helpful in your DIY adventure!


  • Power Drill – I use my Ridgid 18 Volt handheld power drill, which you can buy here.
  • Four 3 inch wood screws
  • Four 1 inch wood screws
  • Four drywall anchors if you do not use studs
  • Stud Finder – I use my Zircon StudSensor HD55 Stud Finder, which you can buy here.

Now here we go!

First off I had to change up the color of my lanterns.  Paint and stain are one of my favorite ways to change the look of something.  There is lots of rules with combining paint colors – sometimes I adhere to them and sometimes I don’t, especially if it’s for a super small project like this one.  The Hollow Road Blog has a really great post here on mixing paints if you would like a lesson!

Here I mixed 2 colors to create the deep brown that I was looking for.

The first coat looked like this:


I wanted an darker look than this so I dabbed a paper towel in the solid black paint after this was dry and did a light rub all over it.  It came out great.  If you need to repaint your LED lights, be creative!  Here was my final look:


Next step is prepping the wood.  If you choose to use new wood and make it old as in the tutorials above, you can bypass this next step.  If you are using truly old wood that has been left outside and weathered, it is very important that it is cleaned and sanitized before using it in your home.  I wrote an entire blog post on this topic which you can read here.  It will give you all the resources and step by step process you need to make sure your wood is ready for home decor use.

Here is my before and after cleaning photos of the old barn wood I used:

These are the tools that I used for this project:


My Irwin Drill Bits and Ridgid 18 Volt Drill are my staple tools for most of my DIY’s. Additionally this Stanley measuring tape and Zircon stud finder are also in my tool box at all times.  You can purchase all of these at The Home Depot here.

You will be mounting your garden brackets onto your wood bases.  I measured into the middle by one inch and down 2 inches (my wood is a 2 x 4).  Then I placed the bracket where I wanted it and marked where I needed the holes with a sharpie marker.

It is important to pre drill your holes so that your wood does not split.  It happens a lot, especially in more fragile old pieces.  After the pre drill is complete, you will mount your bracket onto the wood with your hand drill, using your 1 inch screws.

Once you have decided where you want these on your wall, you will measure for the studs.  To do this you use your stud finder and slide it vertically across the wall – slowly. Once it senses a stud the arrow will light up, This is where you drill.

I always try to drill into a stud if possible because it is such a string support system, but if that’s not an option I use E-Z Ancor Twist-N-Lock or ITW Brand anchors. Mr. Farmboy insists they are the best and I started using them years ago to hang things. They are easiest for me to handle.  You search for them here at The Home Depot.


Another quick tip we use.  A leveler is another staple you need in your tool box.  We have a few lengths to help with different projects.  This allows you to make sure whatever you are hanging or installing is even and accurate.  BUT, if you don’t have one and are in a bind – there is and APP for it!!  Amazing right?  The Bubble Level for Iphone is a great one, as well as Toolbox Pro.  Here is what it looks like, excuse my bad photos but the lighting was not very good at midnight!  (Different apps will vary):

I used (well, Mr. Farmboy used) a 3 inch wood screw to mount these into the studs, one on each end.  We pre drilled them as well for easier mounting.

Our second light did not have a stud for us to use so we did use our anchors.  A tip: If you pre drill the screws you are using so they stick out of the other end, you can gently push it into the wall where you want it.  This will leave a small mark as to where you need to drill your anchors.  Then once the anchors are in, you can easily mount the rest of the light fixture!

I made sure the LED light was turned on when I was ready to add my lights.  They charge during the day and turn on at night!

Inside lights off:


Inside lights on (the LED lights still stay on when my inside lights on are, they turn off when the sunshine comes in):


Finally, we added a darling sign we ordered from Kohl’s.  Its one of my most favorite online shipping stores for farmhouse decor.  They have so much more online than in the store, there is always sales and coupons, and always free shipping offers.  I love them!  Look at this GREETING sign we found:


So that’s it!  Let us know if you have any questions or how your project turns out – we would love to see it!  Please note that we do use affiliate sites on our blog.  But always know we only use ones that we love and use ourselves as DIY’ers.   Happy Building!

And P.S. – check out these darling posts from difference bloggers all over the country to help you find some amazing DIY’s!



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Do It Yourself – Mini Curtain Rods

Do It Yourself Mini Curtain Rods


Do It Yourself Mini Curtain Rods!  You will love these quick and easy rods that add a fun element to your room.  Come follow along!  I have attached a DIY Video below for further help.

Here is a link to PIN IT FOR LATER!


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To do or not to do…

I have thought about it for years.  I joined the craze 8 years ago for my own personal blog.  But I feel terrible short of the challenge.  Many years later I am ready to share my love for DIY in a new way.  It will be a challenge for me, but I am ready for it.  Ready, Set, Blog!

Where do we start…

Growing up in a busy California town with 9 people in an 1800 square foot home, living off of super healthy homemade food (dehydrated fruit leather all the way homies) and wearing clothes my momma hand made, was very normal for me.   We picked fruit to eat and bought our milk from the local dairy in huge 10 gallon buckets.  I still remember the day one bucket tipped over in the trunk – my poor mom spent all afternoon cleaning it out and it still stunk.  My nose still smells it…

Both my parents were such hard workers when us kids were growing up.  Momma taught herself how to sew and learned the piano.  These skills proved to be a Godsend when Dad was out of work years later.  I would stand for hours getting my dresses hemmed, she was very particular and each stitch had to be perfect.  In the afternoons on Tuesdays and Thursdays I would watch all my brothers upstairs, trying to keep them quiet while she taught piano lessons to all the neighborhood kids.  With very little technology back in the 80’s you can imagine how fun that was in the California hot summers, being stuck upstairs with 5 little brothers running around.  But we did it – it was a necessity.

Dad went back to college when there were 5 of us kids.  He finished his Masters Degree and Thesis in one year – absolute miracle.  He hardly slept and we rarely saw him.  We scrimped for the next 2 years while he looked for a job in his field.  Everyone told him he was “overqualified” – such an ironic statement that left us poor and living scarcely.

Nonetheless, we were happy.  We roamed the town with our friends, took the city bus anytime we needed a ride to the dollar theater, and walked up to the local Circle K and .99 Cents Store to buy a little treat.  We didn’t know how broke we were, my parents just carried on and lived the best they could.  The .49, .59, .69 cent deals at Taco Bell were exciting eating out dates we looked forward to.

This is were I learned how to do home decor on a budget.  My mother was the QUEEN of DIY.  Yet there was no Instagram to share it on.  But if there was I know she would have had a million followers.  She was that good. But no digital cameras to document the madness.  Getting film developed by putting it in the mailbox and hoping 1 of your 24 double photos would turn out deemed way to expensive for the outcome.

Momma stenciled everything.  Pink and Blue houses were so “IN” back then.  She would spend hours and hours taking her 3 house stencil and painting it on the top edge of our walls.  Her lines were perfect and her steady hand was constant.  She did this over and over until the entire kitchen was a stenciled masterpiece.  She saved money to buy the matching hand towel sets and flour jars.  Then at her local Church Relief Society Super Saturday craft days she would paint little blue houses to match our decor.  For being on such a small income – our house was darling.

And not to mention her sewing skills.  I remember when Cabbage Patch Dolls became the new hot ticket item for Christmas.  They were so expensive.  I laugh now when I see them at Ross Dress For Less for $20, with the signature on their little bottoms.  I still want to swipe them up and save them as if I was 10 and can’t believe I found such a treasure.

That Christmas, we woke up to the most amazing site.  All 5 of us kids (two brothers had yet to join our family) walked to the stairs to see five homemade Cabbage Patch Dolls relaxing on different steps, waiting for us to find them and be loved.  Each one had their own homemade outfit they were dressed in.  My girl had the long blonde hair in two pig tails, my baby brother Dallin’s was bald.  I literally could not believe it.  I was not angry one bit that it wasn’t brand name.  It was mine.  Made with an intense amount of love and endless hours of devotion.  That sweet gift remains in my special box over 30 years later and continues to be one of my post prized possessions.

Blue and Black Fleece checkered jackets also become popular.  I wanted one so bad. Everyone seemed to have them on during the “chilly” months of winter.  I laugh now about that as well because that was nothing compared to the Utah winters my children endure.  Nonetheless it was cold to us.  The day she brought all those matching jackets out for us kiddos to wear was one glorious day.  I was so proud to have that thing on, it kept me warm and happy.

The stories are endless of how my mommas DIY’s saved our family – my homemade prom dresses, the wood crafts for every holiday, and the meals she made up to keep us healthy (with no Pinterest to teach her).   She made our house a home, our bodies were clothed, our tummies fed, and our hearts were happy.

This is where is started for me.  My love for DIY.  High school was filled with hours upon hours of scrapbooking my life.  Eventually I would scrapbook each one of my brothers lives as well as my grandparents.  I loved doing things with my hands.

I left for college and told my mom I would love to meet a “farmboy” who drove a truck.  I had never met one before and it seemed so fascinating to me.  I packed my things up in my friends car and gave lots of hugs to the boys.  I was off on a new adventure in Idaho. Ricks College was my destination.

I arrived on the weekend and headed to an opening social outdoor dance that next Tuesday.  I saw this darling young man pushing around his friend in a wheelchair (who had a horrible cliff fall the prior weekend).  We crossed paths and he asked me to dance. I asked him where he was from.

“I’m a farmboy from Montana.”

I literally couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Could it be that I could meet one that quickly? I am in Idaho I guess. It was time for the next question then…

“So what do you drive?”

“A truck.”

No way.  Three days in and I already met him.  I wrote it down in my journal that night and then called my Momma to tell her the news.  Now, the rest is history…